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FMLA Reporting Musts: How To Conduct An Effective Self-Audit To Ensure Compliance And Survive A DOL Investigation

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About This Course:
If the Department of Labor (DOL) takes an interest in investigating your organization’s FMLA practices, watch out! The DOL is laser-focused on uncovering systemic FMLA problems during such investigations, which will lead to high-priced penalties. The best defense lies in conducting your own FMLA self-audit and avoiding future legal hassles.

For an effective FMLA self-audit to occur, you will need to take a focused look at your FMLA policy to make sure it’s up to date. It’s also a chance to evaluate whether your FMLA forms are legally compliant with federal and state regulations.

A systematic FMLA self-audit will allow you to examine your FMLA recordkeeping and ensure compliance in the event of a DOL investigation. Furthermore, a proper self-audit gives you the chance to evaluate whether managers are trained on how to respond to questions about FMLA requirements. Managers who say or do the wrong thing with respect to FMLA regulations can hurt you, and their actions could amount to a costly legal misstep for your organization.

Join us for a rebroadcast of a webinar Attorney Todd Alan Ewan presented recently. He will reveal how to conduct a thorough FMLA self audit. Attorney Ewan will teach you how to feel secure in your FMLA practices and endure possible DOL investigations.

Learning Objectives
  • The importance of understanding FMLA requirements and recent updates
  • Why conducting a FMLA self-audit is always a smart maintenance move
  • What the DOL will look for during a FMLA investigation
  • Why training employees in FMLA compliance is essential, and pointers on how to ensure that managers know the proper steps to take to respond to requests, returns to work, etc.
  • Why communicating your FMLA leave policy, and having a policy readily available, is so important
  • How to ensure that your FMLA forms are up-to-date and compliant
  • The importance of proper FMLA-related correspondence
  • How to ensure that you’re following recertification guidelines within the proper timeframe
  • The proper way to engage an employee on FMLA leave
About Your Presenter

Todd Alan Ewan, Esq.
Fisher & Phillips, LLP

At Fisher & Phillips, attorney Todd Alan Ewan focuses on defending employment related claims in federal, state, and administrative venues, as well as advising clients on statutory compliance issues. He is routinely involved in cases in which discrimination based on race, gender, age, disability, national origin, and/or religion have been alleged, as well as cases in which former employees have claimed sexual harassment, breach of employment contract, defamation, and wrongful termination. Additionally, Mr. Ewan provides training and guidance to employers with respect to complying with employment statutes including the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, Title VII, the Family and Medical Leave Act, and the Fair Labor Standards Act. Clients also ask him to prepare employee handbooks, personnel policies and procedures, employee contracts and separation agreements, and to provide seminars to employees regarding statutes and/or policies with which they need to be familiar. He frequently speaks about topics related to labor and employment laws. He was recognized in Pennsylvania Super Lawyers Rising Stars in 2006 and 2007.
FMLA Reporting Musts: How To Conduct An Effective Self-Audit To Ensure Compliance And Survive A DOL Investigation
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