From Staff to Supervisor: Strategies for a Smooth Transition

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About This Course:
The first time supervisor - strategies for a successful transition covers from the beginning of the critical factors of the self-assessment, through the critical for success skills, pros and cons in different environments, and concludes with the eight critical to success factors that every manager needs to know.

We all know the story too well, where a manager promotes the best single contributor to a supervisor and it ends in harming everyone involved and the business. Are good work habits, technical knowledge, demonstrated manual skills, the best reason to promote that person to a supervisory position - of course not. Yet, it may be happening to you as you become a supervisor for the first time.

This webinar will provide you a detailed road map to the critical for success factors every supervisor needs to know for a successful transition. Thereby, you can avoid the harm to yourself, your employees and your business that a seemingly appropriate promotion to supervisor can bring, when the most important decision-making information and preparation are overlooked. Per Abraham Lincoln, "Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power!" Make sure you are fully aware of what you need to know and do to make your transition to supervisor a successful one.


You've Just Been Promoted to Your First Position as a Supervisor – What Should You Do?
  • Self-Assessment – Do You Have These Critical Supervision Skills?
  • Objective
  • Subjective
  • Relationships With CoWorkers
  • Managing Perceptions to Succeed
  • Work Environment
  • UnionFree; Union; Other
Supervision Skills Training
  • Types of Programs
  • Seminars; Long Term Group Training
  • High Performance Company Specific Continuously Improving
  • Individual Development Plans
  • Leadership vs. Management Skills
  • Mentoring
  • Link to Other Employee Training
  • Unskilled; Skilled
  • Technical; Administrative
What Will the First Time Supervisor Experience?
  • Altered/Lost Friendship
  • Jealousy; Malicious Obedience
  • Acceptance; No Longer One of the Group
  • Respected
Union-Free Environment
  • Informal Leaders
  • Employee Bad Work Habits Are Too Well Known
  • Your Past Work Habits Are Too Well Known
  • How to Help the First Time Supervisor in a Union-Free Environment
Union Environment
  • No Longer a Brother or Sister
  • Can/Cannot Return to the Union
  • The Organized Cold Shoulder
  • Deliberate Efforts to Undermine Your Authority
  • Deliberate Efforts to Disrupt the Work Environment
  • How to Help the First Time Supervisor in a Union Environment
The Eight Critical to Success Planning Factors
About The Presenter:

Paula H. Harvey, M.B.A., SHRM-SCP, SPHR, GPHR, ASC
  • Strategic Global Human Resources professional
  • Professional experience has spanned more than 28 years
  • Multilingual and has spoken to both global and national audiences on many subjects in the Human Resources and Safety fields
  • Worked in a wide variety of industries including construction products, manufacturing, distribution, retail, engineering services, furniture and steel fabrication
  • Active member of SHRM serving as the 2014-2015 NCSHRM Director-Emeritus, past Membership Advisory Council (MAC) Representative, and past-president of two SHRM chapters
  • Honored with the NCSHRM Humanitarian of the Year in 2014, NCSHRM HR Professional of the Year in 2005, and the 2009 HR Consultant of the Year awards
  • Inducted in 2012 to the NCSHRM HR Hall of Fame.
  • Global and nationally certified HR and Safety Professional and instructs at many institutions of higher learning
  • M.B.A. degree, with a concentration in human resource management, UNC Charlotte; B.B.A. degree in international marketing and operations management, University of Texas at Austin
From Staff to Supervisor: Strategies for a Smooth Transition
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