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Fundamentals Of Executive Compensation

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About This Course:
Executives are in high demand, so organizations must offer them attractive compensation packages.

Salary is important, but is only one of many forms of compensation executives typically are offered. Some other forms of compensation can be straightforward, but others can be complex and involve important legal and tax considerations.

It is imperative that the executive hiring authority in any organization, as well as the executive, understand the fundamentals of executive compensation, since executives typically are employed under written employment contracts and compensation plans which must correctly reflect the compensation being provided to the executive.

This webinar will provide an introduction to important issues in the design and administration of executive employment compensation agreements and plans, to enable organizations and executives to navigate the complex
world of executive compensation.

  • Forms of Executive Compensation
    • Salary and Bonuses
    • Insurance
    • Retirement
    • Incentive Compensation
    • Equity-Based Compensation
    • Severance and Change in Control
  • Executive Employment Agreements
    • Anatomy of an Executive Employment Agreement
    • Coordination With Benefit Plans and Ancillary Agreements
    • Legal and Regulatory Considerations
  • Important Considerations in Executive Compensation
    • Tax Deductibility of Executive Compensation
    • Securities Law Issues
    • Industry Specific Considerations
What You'll Learn:
  • You will be able to review basic concepts in executive compensation
  • You will be able to discuss alternative methods for providing executive compensation
  • You will be able to identify issues which should be considered in designing an executive compensation agreement or plan
  • You will be able to assist in negotiation of executive compensation arrangements
Fundamentals Of Executive Compensation
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Course Details
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