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Goal Science®: How To Use Objectives And Key Results To Align Employees’ Performance To Your Strategic Business Goals

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Companies that set goals quarterly are 3.5x more likely to be top performers, but fewer than half of companies update them even once a year. Additionally, 80% of executives say their goals are limited in measurability. If you don’t set frequent, readily measurable goals, you’re not setting your organization up for success.

The thinking behind Goal Science® is that everyone is accountable, in a transparent manner, to a list of defined objectives tied to measurable results. Organizations that subscribe to Goal Science are unusually well-positioned to move the needle on key objectives because employees’ work is directly tied to the larger strategic plan.

Goal-setting helps focus an organization and bring discipline to company-wide planning. It also helps leaders and teammates communicate accurately and consistently about what work matters the most, and establishes indicators for how company success is measured.

Join us when Alex Moffit, Goal Scientist® at BetterWorks®, will teach you how to use OKRs to propel your teams toward personal and organizational success.

Learning Objectives
  • Why it’s so crucial to set clear, measurable goals for your organization on a regular basis, and how to get started
  • 5 essential Goal Science pillars to follow
  • How to fully engage your workforce and keep their focus on the most important tasks
  • OKR best practices from forward-thinking companies like Google
  • How Google used a combination of transparency and OKRs to grow from 40 to 40,000 employees
  • Why OKRs lead to employee buy-in (and why this is so crucial to your organization’s success)
  • How you can get started with OKRs today, regardless of your organization’s size
  • And more!
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Alex Moffit
Goal Scientist

Alex Moffit, a goal scientist at BetterWorks®, is an unabashed people person who is passionate about goal science, behavior modification, and the quantified self. Prior to joining the BetterWorks® team, he worked with Jawbone and was a design fellow at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. He has been examining the goals and goal science data of BetterWorks® customers since the company launched. He has obtained extensive knowledge and experience in all things OKRs, and he uses his expertise to make product improvements for BetterWorks® users.
Goal Science®: How To Use Objectives And Key Results To Align Employees’ Performance To Your Strategic Business Goals
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