Health Savings Accounts (HSAs): Essential Compliance Updates For ERISA, Contribution Limits, Eligibility, ‘Aging Out’ And More

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About This Course:
Most employers and HR professionals know about health savings accounts (HSAs), but how can you guarantee that you are making the most out of this tax-favorable vehicle and staying in compliance?

Once you make the decision to offer HSAs to your employees, you must address a variety of issues in connection with implementing the new benefit program, including effective communications to employees and ensuring that you are in compliance with all of the relevant laws.

Join us when a skilled employee benefits attorney will explain how to master your organization’s compliance obligations concerning HSAs.

You’ll learn:
  • Implications of offering HSAs, and how they affect your ERISA compliance obligations
  • Who may contribute to an HSA, and whether the employer must make contributions
  • Maximum HSA contribution limits for 2018
  • Whether and how Medicare or VA eligibility affect HSA eligibility
  • How to get a handle on the issue of “aging out” and Medicare for purposes of determining HSA contribution ineligibility
    “Comparability” requirements for employer contributions and corresponding tax implications
    What to do if your company over-contributes to an employee’s HSA
  • Whether an employer may legally specify who benefits from or is able to use funds the company contributes to an HSA
  • What to do if you have an employee signing up for Medicare who will need to drop his or her HSA benefit—is a mid-year FSA sign-up permitted?
  • How new DOL regulations barring “conflicted” investment advice for 401(k) plan participants could extend to advice given to workers enrolled in HSAs
About Your Presenter:

Allison J. Jacobsen, Esq.
Barran Liebman LLP

Allison Jacobsen of Barran Liebman practices in the area of employee benefits, working with employers, management, and business owners to design, implement, and terminate various compensation and benefits plans. She also counsels clients on health care issues, including COBRA and HIPAA compliance. Her diverse background of handling disputes in contracts, business litigation, insurance coverage, and disability law offers clients efficient and proactive legal solutions that take into account the broader needs of each organization. She has experience in private practice in Oregon and Washington, as well as two years clerking in the Chancery division of the Circuit Court of Cook County in Illinois, has exposed her to a wide range of industries, providing the opportunity to hone her skills and exceed client expectations.
Health Savings Accounts (HSAs): Essential Compliance Updates For ERISA, Contribution Limits, Eligibility, ‘Aging Out’ And More
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