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High-Volume Recruiting: How To Assemble A Cost-Effective, Consistent, And Compliant Screening Process

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When all it takes is a few keystrokes to apply for a job, recruiters often find themselves in a quandary: A “successful” posting has attracted a candidate pool that is vastly larger than what was expected. Dealing with hundreds or thousands of resumes, many of which are from woefully unqualified applicants, is overwhelming. Recruiters, and especially high-volume recruiters, need a solid strategy and a process that is efficient and effective, yet still creates a positive candidate experience.

Join us for the latest strategies on how to build an effective, efficient process to help you better evaluate your high-volume pool of candidates in ways that helps you find the right person while still preserving the candidate experience for all.

Hiring mentor Rebecca Barnes-Hogg, SPHR, SHRM-SCP of YOLO Insights® will discuss tools recruiters can use to help with assembling a compliant, consistent and useful screening process for candidates involved in high-volume situations.

Learning Objectives
  • Why high-volume recruiting is different, and what you must do from the outset to get it right
  • Tactics for screening and managing candidate flow
  • When to call in extra help, and how to use temporary assistance to your best advantage
  • The best tools for speeding up your screening process, what’s new, what’s changed, and what works best today
  • Common mistakes companies make that damage the candidate experience, and why, in the age of social media, this can be deadly
  • How to design and communicate your high-volume strategy
  • Tips for managing the mental stress that comes with an overwhelming candidate pool
  • And much more!
About Your Presenter

Rebecca Barnes-Hogg, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Founder and Lead Consultant
YOLO Insights®

Rebecca Barnes-Hogg, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, is on a mission to ensure that no business is held back because they cannot hire the right people. She is a hiring mentor, recruiting strategist, and Human Resources expert. Ms. Barnes-Hogg has held a variety of HR leadership roles in corporate and non-profit organizations and is a co-author of “Rethinking Human Resources.” She is a sought-after speaker on a variety of topics related to interviewing and hiring, communication, and teambuilding. Ms. Barnes-Hogg also writes for industry journals and publications on HR topics. She leverages her skills to enable her clients to hire amazing people and grow their business. Ms. Barnes-Hogg’s down-to-earth and fun approach to a frustrating and time-consuming process has allowed her clients to hire the right people. Her programs bring her clients more confidence, less stress, and a bigger profit!
High-Volume Recruiting: How To Assemble A Cost-Effective, Consistent, And Compliant Screening Process
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