Hiring And Orientation: Setting The Tone Of The Employment Relationship

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About This Course:
Hiring a new employee can be difficult. With more and more qualified applicants in the workforce today, there may be only a fine line between several candidates who are competing for the same position. Making a final decision on which candidate to hire, and implementing that decision, is better accomplished by following guidelines. These guidelines will facilitate the process and help ensure that rejected applicants have no basis for discrimination allegations.

This course will introduce you to the techniques for hiring new employees and provide guidelines for conducting a professional and satisfying orientation process for them.What You'll Learn:After completing this course, the learner will be able to:
  • Summarize the process for making a job offer
  • Identify the components of a successful orientation program and evaluate its effectiveness; and
  • Explain the proper course of action for maintaining personnel files.
About This Course
  • Target Audience: Managers/Supervisors/Risk Management & HR Professionals
  • Time To Complete: 75 minutes
  • Purpose: To help managers and supervisors understand why and how to perform pre- and post-job offers, the procedure for notifying rejected applicants, and how to successfully provide an orientation program for new employees
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Hiring And Orientation: Setting The Tone Of The Employment Relationship
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