About This Course:
Are your interview questions getting stale? How can you break through all those canned answers to find the real truth about candidates?

Discover how to improve your hiring dramatically by participating in the Hiring Interview Workshop. You'll learn the best interview strategies and a proven list of questions that will help you spot the "must hires” (who make you look good) and steer clear of the ones who bomb out in the first year (and make you look bad).

Join hiring guru and renowned author Paul Falcone as he walks you through his proven interview technique for discovering:
  • Which candidates are most compatible with your organization's culture
  • Why they really left past positions
  • Their willingness to work beyond the basic job description
  • Whether the work pace and reporting structure they prefer matches yours
  • Their ability to accept constructive criticism
  • And more!
Your hiring slots are valuable, and it's your job to fill them with the very best to help your organization succeed.

Your reputation—and your career—hinge on hiring the highest-quality applicants. The Hiring Interview Workshop will show you how.

Paul Falcone isn't just a best-selling author. He's a long-time Fortune 500 HR exec who has mastered the important lessons through hiring thousands of people over the years.

We hope you'll join us for this timely event.
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