How Managers Become Great Leaders

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Live Online Seminar
9am-4pm EDT; 8am-3pm CDT
7/21/2020 (9:00 - 4:00pm local time)
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About This Course:
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Develop forward-thinking leadership qualities to take you and your team to the next level!

Excel in Your Career Now!

In today's tight job market, organizations need more than basic business skills and technical expertise. They need leaders. Organizations want people who demonstrate big picture thinking, while understanding individuals and what it takes to get the team motivated. Attend this seminar and work to build on your skills and sharpen your leadership edge.

Why Attend this Leadership Seminar?

Being a leader is a lofty goal - no doubt about it. What you need is a course that breaks down this admirable purpose into smaller, achievable responsibilities that you can realistically accomplish. This seminar does just that!

Who Should Attend

How Managers Become Great Leaders is not for everyone. If you prefer the easy to the difficult, have a been-there-done-that attitude or see no room for personal growth, this seminar will not be for you. Today's job market has interesting titles - manager, specialist, master, director, ambassador, authority, czar and chief - whatever your title is, if you want to make a difference for you, your staff and your organization - then this seminar is for YOU!What You'll Learn:
  • The most common issues leaders are facing today - and how to handle them
  • New techniques for engaging with people - and how to build a strong internal and external network
  • A better understanding of stakeholder expectations - and how you can exceed them
  • Strategies for making risk-taking pay off - and how to manage it, even when it doesn't work in your favor
  • Core qualities to become a more effective and influential leader - and how to utilize your most powerful skills
  • The opportunity that exists even in the most challenging situations - and how to add value to your organization, your team and the individuals
Sorry, but this seminar took place already.

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