How To Deal With Employees Who Are Chronically Late Or Absent

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About This Course:
Why do some employees always find a way to make it to work on time while others are chronically late or absent?

HR professionals understand the frustrations and high cost of employee absenteeism and tardiness, which not only costs the business time and money, but causes a whole host of other problems, such as lost productivity and bad will from your "good" employees.

But what have you done to determine and address the root causes - and how successful have you been?

For instance, does your organization have an attendance policy that sets standards that are communicated to all employees? Do you have - and follow - a corrective discipline policy for those who break the rules?

Learning Objectives:

This audio conference offers you and your managers easy-to-use methods to confidently address some of the most challenging attendance problems. Highlights include how to:

  • Quickly get to the root cause(s) of the tardiness and/or absenteeism
  • Develop a strategic approach to the "start-of-the-workday" problem for managers and supervisors
  • Support a work environment that doesn't pressure employees to come to work sick
  • Conduct effective and fair return-to-work interviews, one of the best tools for managing absenteeism
  • Ensure that every employee is aware of your tardiness and absenteeism policy
  • Determine if job applicants have chronic attendance issues before you hire them
  • Abide by legally protected reasons for absences, no matter how you feel about it
  • What you can - and can't - ask for re documenting the absence
  • Maintain an open door policy and address violators as soon as you identify patterns of abuse
  • How to properly consult and document abusers...and more!
How To Deal With Employees Who Are Chronically Late Or Absent
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