How To Get Your Managers To Cooperate With HR

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About This Course:
Learn How To Show Your Managers That HR Is Important!

Unfortunately, many managers don't fully understand the rationale behind them having to:

  • Manage employees within the boundaries of employment laws
  • Have good documentation to minimize legal risk
  • Properly manage - and document - employee performance
  • Handle conflicts with employees
  • Manage employee relations' issues - and not send employees to HR like the Principal's office!

There are many factors that contribute to why managers don't "get it", and in this training session we'll discuss some of the root causes, as well as ways to proactively address the issue.

What You'll Learn:

By attending this training session, you will be able to:

  • Clarify roles and responsibilities, such as who owns what when it comes to managing people
  • Identify HR's role in the organization and amount of "political horsepower" and influence
  • Determine whether or not your current system is driving poor leadership behavior
  • Identify senior leadership behavior that is "anti-HR" and isn't in line with values and policies - and what to do to turns things around
  • Evaluate the organizational structure and hierarchy to identify reporting relationships and ratios that are crippling manager's ability to lead and manager performance
  • Evaluate supervisor and manager job design to identify problems in being able to effectively lead direct reports
  • Evaluate current leadership training and development using the Supervisor 101 checklist to recognize gaps in your training
  • Learn informal training opportunities to strengthen competencies of managers, while simultaneously improving relations between HR and leadership
How To Get Your Managers To Cooperate With HR
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