How To Recruit And Hire In The Social Media Era

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About This Course:
“Researching candidates via social media has transformed from an emerging trend to a staple of online recruitment.” — CareerBuilder

Do you check out candidates’ profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn before you hire? Do you Google their names to see what comes up?

If not, you’re now in the minority. Last year was a tipping point in employers’ use of social media for recruiting and hiring. And while digital sleuthing can provide valuable insights, it will spark shocking legal risks if you’re not careful.

Discover the benefits, pitfalls, and best practices for using social media to identify and hire the best workers.

This new fast-paced webinar, How to Recruit & Hire in the Social Media Era, will help you use social media effectively and legally to hire smart and stay out of legal trouble.

You’ll get definitive, practical answers to the challenges you’re dealing with right now, including:
  • What’s the line between prudent due diligence and illegal invasion of privacy?
  • Which social sites you should be using in your hiring outreach and why
  • How to advertise openings via social media without triggering a lawsuit
  • What you can and cannot do with candidate information you find online (based on actual court-case examples)
  • The policies you need to make sure hiring managers aren’t doing their own unauthorized searches
  • What the EEOC, DOL, NLRB and FCRA say you can and cannot do
  • The difference between Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Vine, Instagram, Blogger, etc.—and how to handle each one
  • Which questions you can ask about online activities and which you shouldn’t
  • What about current employees? Are their violent or racist postings mere “venting” … or warnings of workplace danger that you need to act on?
How to Recruit & Hire in the Social Media Era will teach you how to draft a social media policy for all employees to follow—one that minimizes your legal risk and maximizes your chance of finding and retaining the best worker. You’ll learn how to respond to common social media finds (for applicants and employees) such as:
  • Disclosure of criminal behavior
  • Obvious disclosure of disability, race or other protected characteristics
  • Offensive commentary that would violate your company standards (sexist, racist language and the like)
  • Bad-mouthing present or past employers
Don’t hire another employee until you (and your hiring managers) know the smart, safe way to use social media tools!
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