How To Stop Toxic Employees From Side-Tracking Your Company

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About This Course:
Are you sometimes frustrated with your employees' bad behavior? Have you ever thought about what your day would look like without complaining, bad attitudes, blaming, and violation of the rules?

This audio conference is about dealing with toxic employees: those workers whose politics, poor interpersonal skills, dress code, chronic tardiness, bullying, personality conflicts, and more side-track your company's productivity and well-being.

It will teach you how to handle difficult employees without psychotherapy or brain surgery, as well as how to motivate and retain the "challenging employees" who in the long run are worth the effort.

Learning Objectives:

By attending this audio conference, you will learn how to:

  • Never become a victim to employees who love to make your life miserable
  • Inspire and energize even your most toxic employees to overcome challenges with integrity and honesty
  • Engage your employees without seeming so critical that you provoke bad behavior
  • Set the stage for a workplace environment where positive attitudes are the norm
  • Deliver critical feedback without bruising egos and open yourself up to feedback from employees as well
  • Take the offensive position against difficult employees and become less of a target for their bad behavior
  • Trust that your employees want harmony just as much as you do and learn what it takes to restore harmony once lost
  • Save toxic employees who are worth saving with a behavior-changing lifeline
How To Stop Toxic Employees From Side-Tracking Your Company
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