How To Write Clear, Concise, And Compliant Job Descriptions

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About This Course:
This audio conference will help you to ensure that your job descriptions are properly written, and to make sure your job descriptions are not more harm than help!What You'll Learn:

Job descriptions are put in place to help employees understand their roles and responsibities.

Well-written job description clearly explain what a person in a given position does, what are the functions performed, the performance expectations, responsibilities, and applicable working conditions.

Unfortunately, job descriptions often are the first document looked at in internal or legal disputes or during a regulatory agency's inquiry.

By attending this 90-minute audio conference, you will learn:

  • Why job descriptions are critical in today's workplace
  • Considerations for job descriptions for ADA, ADAAA, FMLA, and FLSA purposes
  • How to prepare a job analysis of responsibilities, duties, and expectations
  • Key elements to include in every job description
  • What language to include and what language to avoid
  • Why "borrowing" job descriptions is an instant route to confusion, misunderstandings and legal problems
  • Common mistakes in job descriptions that come back to haunt the employer
  • When and how to review and update your current job descriptions
  • Red flags that invite regulatory problems and lawsuits

Want An Expert To Write Your Job Descriptions For You?

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How To Write Clear, Concise, And Compliant Job Descriptions
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