HR Recordkeeping: Practical Strategies For Maintaining An Accurate And Efficient Records Trail

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About This Course:
From reference checks, job postings, and resumes to testing data, disciplinary documentation, and medical files to wage &hour records, HR has a lot to keep track of on a day-to-day basis.

As your employees come and go, the stream of both paper and electronic information they present can turn even the most organized office into a filing nightmare.

It's time to take back control of your office. But how? What should you keep - and for how long? What laws come into play regarding your obligations to manage personnel records?

These issues, as well as new identity theft threats and updated technology, impact your recordkeeping practices in a big way. Learn how recent developments are changing the way you should manage your workplace records.

Learning Objectives

  • The rundown on the documents you must keep - and for how long - for pre-hires, current employees, and former employees
  • How to effectively weed out what you no longer need to retain - and why keeping everything can be just as dangerous as keeping nothing at all
  • Tips for making a smooth paper to e-records filing system transition
  • How to make your recordkeeping system easy to track and use, regardless of whether you keep a paper or electronic trail
  • How current privacy and HIPPA rules affect your HR recordkeeping obligations
  • Best practices for backing up and destroying employment records so you don't compromise any sensitive, personal data
  • How to respond in the event the DOL, EEOC, or another federal or state agency comes knocking to investigate your recordkeeping practices
  • Why paying attention to the ink color employees sign agreements and acknowledgements in can be very important

In just 90 minutes, you'll have a complete understanding of how new laws affect the way you manage your personnel files. Register now for this timely event risk-free.

About Your Presenters:

Attorney Mark E. Stamelos is a partner in the Nashville office of FordHarrison LLP whose practice encompasses a wide range of employment law matters for employers, including wage and hour matters, employment discrimination, and wrongful termination litigation, arbitrations, employment agreements, and unfair competition.

Attorney Joshua J. Sudbury of FordHarrison LLP's Nashville office focuses his practice on representing management in labor and employment matters. He has represented clients in a variety of industries including transportation, hospitality and healthcare.

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