HR Recordkeeping Requirements: From Hire...To...Fire...Or Retire

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About This Course:
HR is responsible for the "talent life cycle" of every employee, which is from Hire to Fire or Retire.

But half of the battle is knowing what to document - and the other half is getting managers and supervisors to do the documentation properly!

For instance, do you and your managers and supervisors know how to:
  • Document an applicant's interview to show the organization took the "best match" and didn't discriminate?
  • Document a harrassment investigation to create a good defense?
  • Prepare discipline and termination documents to minimize the risk of a Title VII claim, potential violation of other anti-discrimination laws, or a retaliation claim?
When it comes to HR documentation, there are legal landmines at every turn, and documentation is what helps organizations minimize risk of regulatory fines and lawsuits, so take the time to get you and your team educated on documentation best practices!

Learning Objectives

This training program covers the hot spots in documentation. It provides tips for proper documentation procedures, as well as how your documentation can help protect your organization. In this informative audio conference, you'll learn the following:
  • How to create and document an applicant screening process to compare candidates "apples to apples"
  • How to document performance expectations right from the beginning
  • How to properly document employee performance
  • How to identify gaps between organizational policies and discipline documents
  • How to create an easy-to-implement progressive discipline documentation process
  • How to write termination vs "voluntary resignation" documents
  • Understanding the basic framework of internal investigations documentation
  • Understanding compliance when letting older workers go - and why you need a "waiver" document
HR Recordkeeping Requirements: From Hire...To...Fire...Or Retire
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