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HR’s Guide To Mergers And Acquisitions: Critical Strategies For Navigating And Facilitating Workforce And Business Transitions

About This Course:
Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) happen often in business, and HR will play a significant role in the process, regardless of which end of the transaction your organization is on.

While much of the M&A process focuses on corporate assets, brand equity, and intellectual property, the value of a workforce and the people involved play an increasingly larger role. This often necessitates HR intervention to help facilitate the transition and identify opportunities in human capital.

Join us to examine the challenges and opportunities that exist for HR leaders throughout the entire life cycle of a merger or corporate acquisition. Our presenter will provide strategies for effectively navigating the process and carving out inroads for HR as they become a strategic business partner.

Learning Objectives
  • What HR’s role has traditionally been, and how and why it is changing rapidly
  • An overview of the merger and acquisitions landscape, and what’s been driving the increase in activity
  • What you need to do now, before a merger occurs
  • How to analyze the motivations behind a merger or takeover, and utilize the insights to plan a solid HR strategy
  • What’s front of mind for executives driving the M&A process, and how to think like them as you plan your HR strategy
  • What happens when layoffs loom
  • How to manage the cultural issues that come along with a merger
  • Tips for effectively communicating with executives throughout the process , and how to best keep HR’s needs on the radar and an active part of the process
  • And much more!
About Your Presenter

Barbara Mitchell
HR Management Consultant

Barbara Mitchell is a human resources professional and management consultant who is a recognized expert in the HR field. She is co author of The Big Book of HR, The Essential Workplace Conflict Handbook and The Essential HR Handbook. Prior to co-founding The Millennium Group International, LLC, much of her HR career was spent with Marriott International. She is now managing partner of The Mitchell Group, a HR consulting practice.
Course Details
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