HR's Necessary Response To Cyber Warfare: How To Safeguard Proprietary, Sensitive, And Confidential Data In The Hacking World Of Today

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About This Course:
Cyber warfare can be used for all kinds of purposes, not just hacking the emails of politicians or political parties. Businesses and financial institutions are all fair game.

Employers wanting to ensure the security of their proprietary information as well as sensitive personnel data must double down in this age of hacking, and set up systems to handle possible threats.

The recent Wannacry ransomware attack is only the latest example of the proliferation of information security threats, invariably more will surface.

Consider, too, that even if you think your current computer system is virtually breach-proof, human error plays an increasingly prominent role in rendering your important information vulnerable to attack. More and more, attackers are exploiting human security weaknesses to simply bypass technical defenses.

In today’s work climate, with many employees working from home or off-site, use of the cloud, and with the preponderance of personal devices used for work instead of just on-site computers, there are numerous ways for a breach to occur.

Don’t make the costly and potentially devastating mistake of leaving the issue of cyber security to the IT department. HR professionals need to take the lead on keeping sensitive information secure. An employee handbook that emphasizes best online practices can set the stage, and additional training can help as well.

Join us to learn how to address these issues without overstepping and stay within the legal limits as an employer. Our presenter, an attorney and certified ethical hacker, will share proactive steps to deter a cyber “war” against your organization. You’ll learn common human attack vectors and examples of strategies to empower your employees to be part of the security wall, and not the security problem.

You’ll also learn:
  • The importance of taking necessary steps to ensure cybersecurity for your company’s sensitive data
  • Setting the stage by including comprehensive do’s and don’ts in the employee handbook regarding cyber activity
  • How to train (and retrain) employees to respect handling company data—many employees have no idea what is sensitive and why
  • Essential steps to take to ensure IT security
  • How far employers can go in governing security for off-site employees or those using their phones, etc., for work-related issues
  • Legal ramifications for your organization if there is a breach
  • Case studies—and how not to repeat the mistakes of others
About Your Presenter:

Daniel C. Nelson, Esq., C|EH, CIPP/US
Partner, Co- Chair, Data Security & Privacy Practice Group
Armstrong Teasdale

Daniel Nelson is both a commercial litigator and a privacy and data security lawyer. Mr. Nelson is among the few U.S. attorneys to hold the title of Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH), which means he has been trained to break into computers, but for the right reasons. His combined interest in technology and the desire to help clients protect their privacy and sensitive data motivated him to take the unusual step of becoming what’s known as a “white hat” hacker. In addition to his ethical hacking credential, Mr. Nelson is a Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/US). This credential means that he knows privacy laws and regulations and how to apply them.

Mr. Nelson’s special training and experience enhances his ability to help clients protect against and prepare for data breaches and other cybersecurity incidents. He assists clients in the creation, implementation and enforcement of privacy and security policies and data breach plans. This guidance includes counseling on appropriate cybersecurity insurance coverage and risk assessment engagements. He also assists businesses with understanding their duties to retain and protect sensitive information, including privacy and document retention requirements. In the event of a cyberattack, Mr. Nelson serves as a data breach/cyber incident coach. His knowledge of both the technical details of likely breaches and the attendant legal and business impacts enables him to provide clients the information needed from both a technical and legal standpoint.

Mr. Nelson also represents plaintiffs and defendants in commercial cases and has tried some 40 cases to verdict in both state and federal courts. In recognition of his achievements, The Best Lawyers in America® named him “St. Louis Lawyer of the Year” for real estate litigation, as well as listed for commercial litigation.
HR's Necessary Response To Cyber Warfare: How To Safeguard Proprietary, Sensitive, And Confidential Data In The Hacking World Of Today
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