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HR’s Role As A Profit Maker: How To Maximum The Value Of Human Capital

About This Course:
Just how important is HR’s role in ensuring a healthy profit for the organization?

While it’s always been a general maxim that human capital is the most valuable resource for an organization, many companies fail to realize the significant benefits that can result from integrating HR initiatives—such as information sharing, skills training, and rewards programs—with strategies for driving profits.

How does HR determine which initiatives are the most important and valuable when it comes to driving company profits? Obviously, smart hiring and firing practices help; but companies should also look at cost-cutting measures, such as the use of employee self-service technology, to bolster the bottom line. Clear communications, employee involvement in goal setting, transparency, and other practices can also provide profitable results for the organization.

Join us for valuable insight on and proven strategies for how HR can support the organization’s profits by identifying and measuring smart investments in human capital.

Learning Objectives
  • Why HR’s role as a strategic business partner is integral to the organization’s bottom line
  • Why the most successful companies take their human investment so seriously
  • The importance of having an empowering, transparent company culture
  • How to align HR initiatives with your organization’s strategic goals and objectives
  • The not-so-obvious HR approaches to increasing profits for your organization
  • The relationship between having quality employees and profitability
  • How to communicate with your employees so they know how their jobs affect the bottom line—and their paychecks
  • The importance of using metrics that speak the language of profitability to your executive team
  • And much more!
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Patricia Mathews
Workplace Experts

Patricia Mathews brings more than 30 years of experience in management and consulting for Fortune 100 companies including Occidental Petroleum, Anheuser-Busch Companies, Emerson Electric, and Edward Jones as well as the non-profit and public sectors, and Fortune 500 companies in the areas of manufacturing, construction, transportation, services, high tech, finance, healthcare, entertainment, hospitality, food service, retail, agriculture, etc. She is credited for developing and implementing HR and organization development solutions that were instrumental in increasing employee productivity, company profitability and organizational effectiveness.

By focusing employees on an organization's goals and strategic direction, Ms. Mathews’ insights and best practices have helped organizations improve talent management and retention, reduce absenteeism, foster teamwork and collaboration, reduce employee relations issues, and increase employee morale. A sought-after speaker and author of numerous articles on human resources management, Ms. Mathews has worked with large and small organizations and businesses in HR strategy development.

She has conducted seminars in the areas of employee management and effective HR practices and has been a featured speaker at local, state and national conferences. A graduate of the State University of New York at Buffalo where she holds an MBA in Operations Planning & Controls summa cum laude, she also attended the Royal Academy of Arts & Sciences in Antwerp, Belgium.
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