Identifying Low Employee Morale and Mitigating Negative Impacts to Your Bottom Line

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About This Course:
The words managers speak to employees are powerful. They can either destroy employee morale or build them up.

For coaching to be effective, the leader, the follower, and the situation must all be aligned. Although there is not a "best-in-class" management style that can be applied unilaterally to all situations, leaning too heavily on any one style will eventually lead to lost sales, poor customer service, and ineffective management.

Effective leaders use a variety of techniques, and they know how and when to choose the most appropriate style for the given situation. This webinar helps the people responsible for building employee engagement programs and employees better understand how their actions can negatively affect morale and cause performance issues. Identify strategies to overcome challenging situations at work and improve working relationships.


Define Disengagement
  • Poll
  • Unrealized Expectations
  • Not Challenging
Building Alignment
  • Communication
  • What Do Managers Want?
  • What Do Employees Want?
Why Employees Quit?
  • Harmful Bosses
  • Damaging Leaders
  • No Upward Mobility
12 Morale Killers
  • Discuss the Whys
  • Employee's Takeaways
  • Manager's Takeaways
Becoming a Boss-Some Leader
  • Build a Strong Culture
  • Build Strong Working Relationships
  • Focus on the Individual
About The Presenter

Eddie Loussararian
  • Renowned author of the leadership book, When Bosses Go Wild: Preventing Employee Morale Knockouts; the book focuses on improving the work experience for both managers and employees by highlighting key techniques to keep the workforce engaged
  • Over his 25 year career, he has held such positions as training manager, internal audit manager, district manager and college professor
  • Recognized expert at developing and implementing highly effective training programs, including his current employer’s “university” program
  • Designed reference materials for an ERP system conversion, and developed extensive professional expertise in team building and employee engagement
  • Two-time recipient of Pizza Hut’s All-Star Award and awarded the CEO Award at Extended Stay America as the Best Team Builder
  • Spent his career improving operational workflows and understanding how managers and employees can resolve conflict to increase sales and service
  • M.B.A. degree, University of Redlands; B.S. degree in hotel and restaurant management, Cal Poly Pomona
Identifying Low Employee Morale and Mitigating Negative Impacts to Your Bottom Line
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