Independent Contractor Classification: What To Do And Not Do After Uber

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About This Course:
Many businesses today are either supplementing their workforce by the use of independent contractors or have developed a business model that is dependent on ICs rendering services to the company or its customers.

Most of those are failing to structure, document, or implement these IC relationships in a manner that complies with applicable federal and state IC laws. This exposes such companies to substantial IC misclassification liability risk.

This webinar will help those persons whose job it is to avoid lawsuits and retain hard-earned profits from placing their companies at peril for costly IC misclassification liability.

Many IC relationships can be restructured, re-documented, and re-implemented in a manner that enhances compliance with relevant IC laws.

But IC compliance is counter-intuitive. It may be a matter of dotting your "i"s and crossing your "t"s but it is not readily apparent where the "i"s and "t"s are.

This course will sensitize you to understanding what it takes to step up your company's game to not just counteract lawsuits and regulatory enforcement initiatives but to avoid them altogether. And if your company has been sued or is in the middle of an audit or had a determination that you have misclassified workers as ICs, this information will give you guidance on whether your company can get itself into compliance without having to reclassify those workers as employees.


The Claims in the Uber IC Misclassification Lawsuit
  • How to Avoid Becoming the Next Uber Defendant
  • How to Minimize or Eliminate IC Misclassification Liability
  • How to Restructure the IC Relationship
  • How to Re-Document the IC Relationship
  • How to Re-Implement the IC Relationship
The Use of Arbitration Agreements With ICs
  • Should You Include Them in IC Agreements?
  • How to Include Them in IC Agreements
  • Whether to Include a Class Action Waiver in Arbitration Agreements
The Uber Settlement
  • The Cost of Litigating IC Misclassification Lawsuits
  • How to Avoid Perpetuating IC Misclassification Exposure
  • How to "Price" the Cost of Settling IC Misclassification Settlements
About The Presenter

Richard J. Reibstein
  • Partner with the law firm Pepper Hamilton LLP and is co-chair of its Independent Contractor Compliance and Misclassification practice, an interdisciplinary group of more than 30 employment, tax, benefits, and class action lawyers
  • Regularly designs programs for companies to enhance compliance with such laws at the federal and state levels, and defends businesses before administrative agencies and the courts in single plaintiff and class action employee misclassification claims
  • Has written and spoken on the Uber case and has been quoted by numerous media sources on the claims, defenses, and proposed settlement of that case
  • Co-publisher of the only legal blog dedicated to IC misclassification and compliance, having published over 160 comprehensive blog posts in the past five years, including a white paper on Minimizing IC Misclassification Liability that has been and remains one of the most widely viewed online resources on the subject
  • Has presented more than 20 public seminars, webinars, and presentations and written more than 30 articles on the subject of IC misclassification and compliance
  • Has been quoted regularly every year since 2010 in national, regional, and local print and online media on the subject, including the The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Business Insider, Forbes, Fusion, Public Integrity, numerous Bloomberg, BNA, Thomson Reuters, and Law 360 publications, as well as other leading business and legal media sources on the subject of misclassification of independent contractors
  • Named “Top Author” in JD Supra Readers' Choice Awards (2016) and recognized for his thought leadership on the topics of employer liability and class actions
  • He and the other co-publishers represent companies throughout the country in an array of diverse industries; a list of their extensive representative engagements reflects the breadth and depth of their practice
Independent Contractor Classification: What To Do And Not Do After Uber
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