Influenza Danger: Safety And HR Management Strategies For Preventing A Seasonal Outbreak In Your Workplace

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About This Course:
Each year, an average of 5 percent to 20 percent of the U.S. population gets the flu. Tens of thousands are hospitalized, and thousands die from flu-related illness.

It has a considerable impact on the workplace. The Flu costs an estimated $10.4 billion a year in direct medical expenses and an additional $16.3 billion in lost productivity and earnings annually. Considering the flu can circulate for as long as eight months, employers’ should be proactive in their response to this major concern.

Although flu vaccines are typically the most promoted defense in addressing influenza, there are other strategies you should consider when developing and implementing a workplace influenza-management plan. Many of these strategies focus on practical and commonsense hygiene practices. There are others that are also effective such as altering how your organization holds meetings, implementing at home work options, and promoting employee wellness that you should seriously consider.

Join us for tips on how to minimize the impact of influenza in your company in ways that are cost effective and unobtrusive.

Learning Objectives:
  • Typical symptoms and signs of influenza in the workplace
  • How to assess applicability and/or participation in national programs, such as the National Pharmaceutical Stockpile Program and the Pandemic Response Plan
  • How to develop an influenza management plan that prepares your organization for contingencies especially a potential crisis
  • Preferred approaches and procedures for dealing with workplace influenza including:
  • hygiene practices for commonly traveled areas and meeting locations
  • proven workplace hygiene procedures
  • isolation/separation of at-risk employees
  • isolation/separation of healthy employees
  • promoting employee wellness
  • approaches to reduce personal contact such at work from home and conference calls in place of traditional meetings
  • Best practices for communicating with the workforce about information on vaccines, or if appropriate, providing or coordinating vaccines for your employees
  • Influenza early detection strategies that can minimize potential issues in your workplace
  • How to coordinate with local, regional, state, and health-care agencies and organizations
  • Information and outreach strategies for employees to address influenza in the home
About Your Presenter:

Chet Brandon, CSP, CHMM
Vice President of Operations
ATI Worksite Solutions

Chet Brandon, vice president of operations for ATI Worksite Solutions, is a highly experienced EHS executive with extensive practice in the Process Industries (chemical, metals & glass) and Manufacturing Operations (automotive, aerospace & electronics). Chet attended Marshall University where he earned Master’s degrees in Safety Technology and Industrial/Organizational Psychology. He holds the Certified Safety Professional and Certified Hazardous Materials Manager designations. He is in a top leadership role with the leading organization in the occupational medicine and personnel safety field that specializes in working with industrial organizations. He has led a number of industrial concerns, including Fortune 500 businesses, to EHS excellence on a global scale.

Mr. Brandon has been the safety professional in charge of numerous industrial operations that included the handling or processing of combustible/explosive powders, hot metal operations and hydro/steam power generation. He has extensive experience in investigating industrial accident events to determine root causes and effective corrective action. He is also an active pilot with a keen interest in aviation safety.
Influenza Danger: Safety And HR Management Strategies For Preventing A Seasonal Outbreak In Your Workplace
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