Interviewing For Effective Low-Risk Hiring

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About This Course:
You do not need to be a lawyer to successfully manage the hiring process. You only need a basic awareness of EEO laws and regulations and a dedication to work within their guidelines. Blatant disregard or intentional violation of these laws can create serious penalties, usually financial in nature, for the offending company. Also, be aware that ignorance of the law is no excuse - and not much of a defense when an applicant's lawyer or government attorney for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission takes you to court.

This course will give you the tools necessary to plan the interview, ask pertinent questions, avoid civil rights violations, and make informed hiring decisions.What You'll Learn:FORMS INCLUDED:

  • Adverse Action Rejection Letter
  • Application Rejection Letter
  • Authorization Form to Obtain Consumer Report
  • Employment Application Form
  • Examples of Employment Laws Affecting the Employment Screening Process
  • Interview Evaluation Form
  • Sample Open-Ended Questions
  • Pre-Adverse Action Letter
  • Sample Offer Letter
  • Summary of Your Rights Under FCRA
About This Course
  • TARGET AUDIENCE: Managers/Supervisors/Risk Management & HR Professionals
  • TIME TO COMPLETE: 75 minutes
  • PURPOSE: To enable managers and supervisors to conduct a comprehensive interviewing process effectively, without violating anti-discrimination or other civil rights laws
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Interviewing For Effective Low-Risk Hiring
Price: $11.88
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