Key Coaching Skills For HR Professionals

Key Coaching Skills For HR Professionals
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Want to have strategic impact across your organization as an HR practitioner? Developing coaching skills is one of the best ways to do just that. With the ever-increasing pace of change, it’s critical to look for ways to increase the pace and effectiveness of talent development efforts. Coaching is the answer.

Modern organizations need is a coaching mindset, where leaders at all levels are able to help employees grow and develop to meet ever-evolving needs throughout the organizations – and HR practitioners with coaching skills can lead the way.

How? Not only can HR professionals leverage their own skills to serve as internal coaches, they can also play a role in developing supervisors, managers and other organizational leaders to do the same. In essence, by mastering the art of being a coach, you can also develop others to become coaches. And, in doing so, you just might crack the secret code of keeping HR from being a ‘dumping ground’ for minor issues better handled within departments. What You'll Learn:Attend this informative audio conference and learn how to develop the skills you need to foster a culture of coaching throughout your organization. Key discussion points of include:
  • Mastering the art of coaching-focused communication
  • How to set the stage for coaching success through opening a dialogue
  • Techniques to recognize and encouraged continued positive workplace behaviors
  • Strategies for ongoing employee feedback focused on performance improvement
  • Delivering improvement-focused coaching feedback that works
  • How to follow-up without seeming like you’re micromanaging
  • How to sell managers on the benefits of coaching
  • Key tools and resources to help you and other organizational leaders serve as effective coaches
Key Coaching Skills For HR Professionals
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