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Leadership Branding Success In 5 Steps: Maximizing Your Value By Engaging Stakeholders

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Like a product brand, your leader brand can impact your business either positively or negatively.

Every leader must first determine what they want their brand to look like and then use that as the benchmark to guide future business decisions. This brand vision should be based on a deep understanding of your stakeholders’ needs. Once you know how you can deliver the most value to your employees, C-Suite, investors and other key players, then you can build your skills accordingly.

Effective leaders get the right results the right way. The “right results” means achieving the desired objective balanced across people, financial, organizational, and customer needs. The “right way” means that it matters how the results are achieved. The essence of personal leader brand is building your reputation around how you deliver results to your stakeholders.

Whether you are already in a leadership position or you aspire to one; your success depends on how you build your “leadership brand.” Join us to find out how to build a positive leadership brand that leads to career and business success.

Learning Objectives
  • What makes a good leader—and why some leaders are better than others
  • Steps that can help you identify your leader brand
  • How to build your reputation so you can deliver desired results
  • How to achieve the desired results you want the “right way”
  • Proven tips on how to develop your personal brand so you can become an effective leader
About Your Presenter:

Norm SmallwoodNorm Smallwood
The RBL Group

Norm Smallwood is a recognized authority in developing businesses and their leaders to deliver results and increase value. His current work relates to increasing business value by building “outside in” organization, leadership, and people capabilities that measurably impact market value. In 2000, he cofounded The RBL Group with Dave Ulrich.

Mr. Smallwood partners with clients to increase the contribution of people to the business by aligning the organization to foster high performance cultures that resonates with customers. Outputs include distinctive organization capabilities and recognizable leadership brand. Success is defined as increased confidence in future by investors, customers and employees. This translates in publicly traded firms to a higher stock price and a strong reputation for the business. Mr. Smallwood has co authored the following books: “Real-Time Strategy,” “Results-Based Leadership,” “How Leaders Build Value,” “Change Champions Field Guide,” “Leadership Brand,” “Leadership Code,” and “Leadership Sustainability”. Harvard Business School Press will publish his latest book, “Agile Talent,” coauthored with Jon Younger in February 2016. He has published more than a hundred articles in leading journals and newspapers including Washington Post, Forbes, Harvard Business Review and Financial Times and has contributed chapters and Forewords to multiple books. He has been a frequent blogger on HBR Online where his blog on Personal Leader Brand was highlighted as one of 10 most read of 2010.
Leadership Branding Success In 5 Steps: Maximizing Your Value By Engaging Stakeholders
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