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Leadership Development For Women: How To Facilitate The Path To Strategic Success

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More women are finding their way to the top in business today, but salaries still have women trailing behind men with very little improvement in the past decade. In addition, women who do reach their career goals say they often feel isolated at the top of the ladder.

However, there are many examples of women who have excelled in leadership roles. What can other aspiring women learn from them?

Join us when Nan Siemer, founder of BREAKERS, who is committed to helping clients get past career barriers, will share revealing insights into how to craft a leadership development program that will position female leaders for strategic success.

Learning Objectives
  • Examples of companies that have unlocked immense potential in their female leaders
  • The obstacles women may face on the road to leadership positions, and what organizations can do to facilitate their paths to success
  • Noteworthy trends that are opening doors for women’s career advancement
  • Communication tips to help women excel in leadership roles
  • Why focusing on leadership development for women is so important
  • And more!
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Nan Siemer

Nan Siemer can draw from professional training and personal experience as she helps others achieve their career goals. Ms. Siemer works with a wide variety of government, business and professional groups, as well as individual clients, to help them improve their communication, negotiation and career development skills in the workplace.

Over the years, Ms. Siemer’s clients have used the skills she taught them to propel their career, increase their net worth and improve their working conditions. She also helps her clients develop strategies to resolve conflicts in the workplace.

With a Master’s Degree in Mass Communications and a BS in Broadcast Journalism from Lindenwood College in St. Charles, Missouri, Ms. Siemer knows the skills it takes to succeed. Most importantly, she says those who get the best business opportunities know how to "play the game." And she has become a champion!
Leadership Development For Women: How To Facilitate The Path To Strategic Success
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