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Leading Millennials: How To Motivate, Engage, And Retain Your Rising Stars

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In the first quarter of 2015, Generation Y (the first-wave of Millennials born between 1978 and 1989) surpassed Generation X as the largest segment of the workforce—with over 53 million Gen Y workers! Not only have Millennials taken over the workforce in numbers, but with 10,000 Baby Boomers reaching retirement age every day, Millennials are quickly moving into managerial roles.

And now Generation Z (those born between 1990 and 2000) is entering the workforce. Within the next 5 years, they’ll make up an estimated 24% of the workforce.

Companies and organizations must adapt so they are prepared to attract, motivate, lead, and retain the youngest generations. The key to winning the respect of these generations rests in the hands of strong, highly engaged leadership.

Join us as Bruce Tulgan, founder of Rainmaker Thinking and bestselling author, takes us through the thought processes of Generations Y and Z. He’ll debunk “Millennial myths” by discussing what it’s like to manage a group of Millennials, how to successfully lead them, as well as other up and coming members of the workforce.

Learning Objectives
  • Promptly bring Millennials up to speed and turn them into knowledgeable workers
  • Practice “in loco parentis” management
  • Teach Millennials how to manage themselves and how to be managed
  • Retain the best Millennials
  • Build the next generation of leaders for your organization
  • And more!
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Bruce Tulgan
Founder & CEO
Rainmaker Thinking

Bruce Tulgan is internationally recognized as the leading expert on young people in the workplace and one of the leading experts on leadership and management. He is a best selling author, an adviser to business leaders all over the world, and a popular keynote speaker and management trainer.

Since 1995, Mr. Tulgan has worked with tens of thousands of leaders and managers in hundreds of organizations, including a range of clients like Aetna, Wal-Mart, the YMCA, and even the Army. In recent years, He was named by Management Today as one of the few contemporary figures to stand out as a “management guru” and he was named on the 2009 Thinkers50 Rising Star list. In 2009, he was honored to accept Toastmasters International’s most prestigious honor: The Golden Gavel. This honor is presented to a single person who represents excellence in the fields of communication and leadership.

Mr. Tulgan’s most recent books include the updated and expanded edition of "Not Everyone Gets a Trophy: How to Manage Millennials" and "Bridging the Soft Skills Gap: How to Teach the Missing Basics to Today’s Young Talent". He is also the author of "The 27 Challenges Managers Face", the best selling "It's Okay to Be the Boss", and "Managing Generation X". Many of his works have been published around the world.

Before founding Rainmaker Thinking in 1993, Mr. Tulgan practiced law at the Wall Street firm of Carter, Ledyard & Milburn. He graduated with high honors from Amherst College, received his law degree from the New York University School of Law, and is still a member of the Bar in Massachusetts and New York.
Leading Millennials: How To Motivate, Engage, And Retain Your Rising Stars
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