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Leading Through Crisis: How To Define Response Scenarios And Develop Comprehensive Contingency Plans

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About This Course:
At some point in time, every organization will have to deal with a major crisis, whether it’s the result of economic fallout, poor product performance, a scandal, a natural disaster, workplace violence, product recalls or the sudden loss of an integral employee—the list goes on.

In reality, a crisis can strike without warning. If the leadership isn’t prepared to handle it quickly and effectively, it can threaten the very survival of the organization. That’s why advance preparation is needed to ensure you are well equipped when an unforeseen calamity arises.

As an organization, you need to make sure you have a crisis-management strategy in place that sets a standard protocol for any issues, even if the precise details are not known until it occurs. This includes defining response scenarios, developing a comprehensive and well-rehearsed contingency plan that addresses the various scenarios, and establishing clear guidelines for the various individuals responsible for executing contingency plans.

As a side benefit, the development of contingency plan and identification of possible crisis scenarios may help an organization mitigate the initial risk of a preventable crisis.

Join us to learn the tools to both prepare your executives to lead the organization through a crisis and assure your company can weather any imminent storm. Our presenter, a skilled crisis management specialist, will deliver a practical perspective on crisis leadership can impact your organization’s success and tactical strategies to help you ensure the ongoing viability of the business.

Learning Objectives:
  • How to identify and evaluate likely crises your organization could face
  • Examples of how to avoid a crisis in the first place
  • Key attributes executives need to develop to be effective leaders during a crisis
  • How to develop a comprehensive crisis management plan to deal with future crises
  • Who within your organization will play key roles during a crisis
  • The characteristics of a crisis communication plan—and why it can make all the difference
About Your Presenter:

Denice R. Hinden, PhD, PCC
Managance Consulting & Coaching

Denice Hinden is the president of Managance Consulting and Coaching. Dr. Hinden’s mission is igniting joy and well-being into the workplace through intentional positive leadership. Since 2000, Ms. Hinden has invigorated the management and performance of staff and Board leaders in more than 100 nonprofit, public and private organizations. Her specialties are transforming strategic planning, and leveling up leadership with all levels of leaders and teams. She helped effectively guide an emergency shelter for runaway and homeless youth through the devastation of Hurricane Andrew in South Florida in 1992 and most recently participated in Active Shooter Intervention training for a public university. She is co-author of “The Nonprofit Organizational Culture Guide: Revealing the Hidden Truths that Impact Performance” (Jossey-Bass, 2011).

Prior to consulting and coaching Ms. Hinden had a successful 17-year career in nonprofit management from program associate to executive director in leadership and management in youth and family services and leadership development. She holds an M.S. in Human Services and a PhD in Public Administration. She is a Professional Certified Coach, Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner and Conversational Intelligence Enhanced Skills Coach. Denice is also conversational in Spanish.
Leading Through Crisis: How To Define Response Scenarios And Develop Comprehensive Contingency Plans
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