Legally Compliant Work-From-Home Policies

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About This Course:
Telecommuting saves employees the time and expense associated with traditional commuting, and it can allow employers to spend less on office space and to ‘sell’ the possibility of a virtual workplace to prospective employees.

However, the virtual workplace creates real world issues. Many of those issues can be avoided or at least minimized through planning and attention to the challenges created by having employees work at home. This material will discuss those issues and offer practical plans to address them at your companies.
  • Essential Components of Every Organization's Work-From-Home Policy
  • Employment Law Requirements Under the FLSA, ADA and FMLA
  • Prevent Discrimination by Determining Who Can (and Who Can't) Be Allowed to Work Off-Site
  • How to Effectively Manage and Monitor Flexible Work Schedules
  • Effectively Establish Employee Work Hours and Monitor Results
  • Privacy and Security Measures and Policies
  • Safety Concerns and Liability Issues: What OSHA Requires for a Safe and Compliant Virtual Work Site

Legally Compliant Work-From-Home Policies
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