Leveraging HR Analytics For Strategic Decisions In The New World Of Work

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About This Course:
The promise of HR analytics remains powerful but tantalizingly beyond reach. Current developments in “big-data”, cloud-based systems, personalized interfaces, advanced graphics, and data mining are now more familiar and important.

And, big data provides the opportunity to potentially save companies money in the long run. For instance, Nucleus Research reports organizations realize about a $13 return on investment for each dollar spent.

That’s great news, and what’s even better is that there are many HR analytics designed to make your job a whole lot easier when it comes to sourcing talent, talent acquisition, onboarding and employee engagement, performance management, workforce planning, and the list goes on.

But, the future of HR analytics hinges on some transformations in the roles of all of those who use and are affected by HR analytics, including HR leaders, non-HR leaders, employees, job-seekers, policymakers, and others.

Join us for an all-new webinar with HR analytics thought leader John Boudreau, Ph.D., who’s known for his insight and innovation in the fields of human resources, human capital management, and executive development. He’ll share how transformations that shape technology will also shape HR analytics in new ways.

You’ll learn:
  • The meaning of “agile work” that’s perpetually upgraded and constantly both new and obsolete
  • How agile HR metrics follow principles of agile product and software design
  • The implications of a future where HR analysts and users are augmented by AI, and how this shifts competency, power, authority and roles
  • The importance of “recipes” in HR analytics, and how this differs from typical “linear thinking”
  • What “flow” in future work means, and the need for HR analytics to measure flows not objects
  • How HR analytics need to evolve to reflect crowdsourced HR, and how the crowd may own and produce future HR analytics data
  • How to optimize the “push” and the “pull” of HR analytics to balance user needs with analytical requirements
About Your Presenter:

John Boudreau, Ph.D.
Center for Effective Organizations
Marshall School of Business
University of Southern California

Recognized worldwide for his breakthrough research on the bridge between human capital, talent, and sustainable competitive advantage, John W. Boudreau, Ph.D. is much sought after by organizations, businesses, and the academic world for his insight and innovation in the fields of human resources, human capital management, and executive development.

Dr. Boudreau is Research Director for USC’s Center for Effective Organizations and Professor of Management and Organization at Marshall School of Business. His large-scale studies and focused field research address the future of the global human resources profession, HR measurement and analytics, decision-based HR, executive mobility, HR information systems, and organizational staffing and development.

A strong proponent of corporate/academic partnerships, Dr. Boudreau helped to establish and then directed the Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies (CAHRS) at Cornell University, where he was a professor for more than 20 years.

Dr. Boudreau consults and conducts executive development with companies around the globe that aspire to maximize employee effectiveness by discovering the specific strategic bottom-line impact of superior people and human capital strategies.

He is a strategic advisor to a range of well-known organizations, including early-stage companies, global corporations, government and military agencies, and non-profits.

Dr. Boudreau is the author of more than 50 books and numerous articles and papers, features on his work have appeared in Harvard Business Review, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Fast Company, and Business Week, among others.
Leveraging HR Analytics For Strategic Decisions In The New World Of Work
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