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Making The Most Of LinkedIn For HR Professionals

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With hundreds of millions of users throughout the world, it's not surprising that LinkedIn is considered to be the premier online destination for business and professional networking. The site is widely-known in the HR community as a powerful resource for recruitment, but that is just the beginning of how LinkedIn can benefit HR professionals. Offering so much more, LinkedIn is a powerful resource with numerous significant applications for the practice of human resource management.

Attend this informative audio conference and master practical strategies HR professionals can apply to make the most of LinkedIn as a professional resource.

From tips for developing an outstanding HR-focused individual profile to ideas for recruiting (many of which are free!), building your company's brand as an employer of choice, improving employee recognition and engagement, developing a powerful professional network - and more! - this session will provide you with practical ideals you can immediately implement to leverage the power of LinkedIn to boost your image as a leading HR practitioner.What You'll Learn:Master best practices for leveraging LinkedIn to raise your profile as an outstanding and influential HR professional. Key topics include:
  • Guidelines for HR professionals to establish and manage an effective LinkedIn profile
  • Leveraging LinkedIn to build your professional brand as a well-connected expert in your field
  • Keys to boosting your organization's employer brand/positioning your firm as an employer of choice via LinkedIn
  • Simple (and free!) options for expanding your company's LinkedIn footprint/presence
  • Strategies for leveraging LinkedIn to build employee connections, recognition and engagement
  • Utilizing LinkedIn Groups to facilitate employee and key stakeholder communication
  • Recruitment overview: highlights of free and fee-based LinkedIn recruitment strategies
  • Finding the right balance - engaging with LinkedIn enough without spending too much time
Making The Most Of LinkedIn For HR Professionals
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