Managing An HR Department Of One: Secrets To Success

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About This Course:
If you're flying solo in your HR department, you feel pulled in a million different directions at once.
  • The executive team expects you to have CHRO depth of knowledge
  • Employees want answers to all their questions NOW
  • Finance wants benefit bills yesterday
  • And all the administrative burdens and compliance risks fall squarely on your shoulders
How can you navigate to meet the needs of all your internal customers, play a more strategic role in your organization — and keep yourself sane?

Join us for Managing an HR Department of One: Secrets to Success. A true HR expert, consultant Lori Kleiman, SPHR, will provide you with real-world advice to help grab control of your workday and shine in the HR function.

Sole HR practitioners face a unique set of responsibilities and risks. This webinar will help you succeed in your administrative and compliance duties, while improving your executive-level skills as well.

You will discover how to:
  • Align HR's goals with the strategic actions of the organization
  • Identify your key administrative, functional and strategic tasks — and which are most important to your boss (print the "HR Pyramid” for your bulletin board!)
  • Find out what your CEO wants from you — and what to do about it
  • Be your own cheerleader in the workplace
  • Take simple steps to ease your stress — like moving printed forms outside your office!
  • Understand and improve your vendor management process
  • Complete a valuable HR Assessment, using the handy checklist
  • Know which functions to outsource and which to keep in-house (Don't outsource yourself out of a job!)
  • Push for your HR priorities—and get them funded
No matter how many people are on your HR team, these tips and techniques will be helpful. But for a department of one, they're absolutely essential.

Sole practitioners get 100% of the grief when HR mistakes are made — but also 100% of the praise when things go right. Learn the practical, real-world advice to become successful in running your one-person HR show.

This will be a fast-moving, advice-packed 75 minutes. Lori's webinars appeal to HR professionals with a sense of humor and give real-world examples that will instantly help improve your HR performance. This webinar is based on Lori's packed-room session at the recent Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) annual conference.

Don't miss this opportunity to take your HR skills to a whole new level!
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