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Managing Benefit Options For Part-Time, Seasonal And Hourly Employees

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Employers can benefit greatly from the use of part-time, seasonal and hourly employees. However, complying with the Affordable Care Act, the Internal Revenue Code, ERISA, and other federal and state laws as they relate to employee benefits requires a substantial investment of time, money and energy.

The Affordable Care Act in particular is still the law of the land, and likely will be for at least the near-term, making ongoing compliance with the employer mandate imperative.

While the legal landscape has not changed dramatically for qualified retirement plans recently, employers must still navigate their ongoing compliance burdens carefully.

This webinar will cover the current state of federal and state regulation of health and retirement benefits for employees in clear, practical terms that will provide employers the tools they need to avoid compliance problems and consider opportunities in the development and ongoing administration of the benefits they offer employees.


Affordable Care Act: Still Relevant, Still Complex
  • A Word About Repeal, Replace, or Fix
  • Determining "Applicable Large Employer" Status
  • Determining Who Is Entitled to Coverage
  • Planning Opportunities
Retirement Plans: The Song Remains the Same
  • Age and Service Requirements
  • Controlled Group Rules and Classification of Employees
  • Navigating Nondiscrimination Rules
Other Benefits Considerations: A Potpourri of Potholes
  • Compliance With Other Federal Laws
  • Compliance With State Laws
  • Dealing With Temp Agencies and Other Service Providers
About The Presenter

Douglas Dormire Powers
  • Partner in the law firm of Beckman Lawson, LLP, in Fort Wayne, Indiana
  • More than 25 years of private practice experience following three successive federal judicial clerkships. Since 1995, he has focused his practice on employee benefits compliance and litigation
  • Has counseled clients on a variety of benefits compliance issues, including fee-for-service plan design consulting, Affordable Care Act compliance, EPCRS applications, Voluntary Fiduciary Compliance Program applications, HIPAA Privacy Rule compliance, COBRA compliance, and QDRO compliance
  • Also litigated a wide range of benefits-related cases in state and federal court, including breach of fiduciary duty claims, claims for benefits, collectively bargained benefits, and reinsurance coverage issues for self-funded health plans
  • Immediate past president of the Great Lakes Employee Plans/Exempt Organizations Council, one of five regional councils that regularly consult with the IRS and DOL on regulatory issues and developments
  • Frequent speaker and wrote on a wide range of benefits issues
Managing Benefit Options For Part-Time, Seasonal And Hourly Employees
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