Managing Diversity In The Workplace

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About This Course:
Dynamic changes in the demographic makeup of the U.S. work force are significantly challenging organizations today. As recently as 1985, the American labor force was made up predominantly of white men. Over the past 25 years, however, women and other minorities have dramatically increased their presence in the workplace.

The broad variety of personalities and perceptions available in workers, if managed properly, can present great opportunity and enrichment to the workplace.What You'll Learn:Forms Included

  • Doves or Hawks: Individual Conflict Styles
  • Words of Wisdom
  • Tell Me Yours, I'll Tell You Mine
  • Diverse Team Actions That Make a Difference
About This Course
  • Target Audience: Managers, supervisors, and senior-level employees who are involved in diversity initiatives
  • Time to Complete: 90-105 minutes
  • Purpose: To increase the manager's, supervisor's, and senior-level employee's knowledge and awareness of diversity issues and identify ways to promote diversity in the workplace
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Managing Diversity In The Workplace
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