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Mastering the Consumer Buying Journey: How to Leverage Your Content to Build Relationships and Drive Sales

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The modern consumer is exposed to more digital content than ever before, and 58% of consumers in the United States are now blocking or skipping digital ads. So the big question is, how can marketers be sure their content is being seen and absorbed?

To command long-lasting attention, sales and marketing professionals must embrace the buyer’s journey. It’s only when you understand where a buyer is at in the decision-making process that you can serve up digital content that stands out from the pack and impacts the consumer in a positive and impactful way that boosts your chances of closing the deal when the time comes.

Nowadays marketing is far less about the quick sell and more about building lasting relationships, and those relationships often are built on the strength of the content the company is delivering to the consumer.

Join us on September 29 as Chad Pollitt, entrepreneur, author, and digital marketing professor, will walk you through the buyer’s journey, digital touch points, and personas. You’ll discover the steps consumers take when considering whether to make a purchase and how to leverage your content to attract and keep those customers along their way.

Learning Objectives
  • Align content distribution to the actual buyer’s journey in making a purchase
  • Satisfy consumers’ zero moment of truth (ZMOT)
  • Leverage the golden circle to attract consumers
  • Develop strategies to retain customers after the initial sale
  • Recognize and understand consumer behavior
  • And much more!

    About Your Presenter
    Chad Pollitt
    Co-Founder, VP of Audience

    Chad Pollitt, a decorated veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and former Army Commander, is VP of audience and the co-founder of Relevance, a digital magazine and agency dedicated to content strategy, promotion and marketing. He is also an Adjunct Professor of Internet Marketing at the Indiana University Kelley School of Business and Adjunct Instructor and the Rutgers University School of Business.

    Mr. Politt has been creating profitable online campaigns for over 14 years for brands both large and small while delivering tens of millions of dollars of tracked return on SEO alone. Named a top five content marketing thought leader, he continues to innovate by leading the emerging industry of online content promotion and distribution.

    Since 2002, Mr Politt has played an integral role in designing, developing, deploying, executing and tracking robust web marketing strategies for client companies and organizations and is an Internet marketing expert. He holds a BS in Entrepreneurship from the Indiana University Kelley School of Business and an Internet Marketing Masters Certification from the University of San Francisco's prestigious School of Business and Management.
    Mastering the Consumer Buying Journey: How to Leverage Your Content to Build Relationships and Drive Sales
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