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Maximize the Return on Your Hiring Investment: How to Retain New Employees With Onboarding

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What do Johnny Football, NBA Star LeBron James, and Mother Theresa have in common? No matter the circumstance or situation, when they walked into a room or on the field, the atmosphere shifts. They are game changers.

Today's successful leaders understand competitive advantage is achieved by selecting and more importantly retaining game changing talent.

This webinar provides insight into what game changers want in the leaders they choose to follow, key performance drivers and tips on engaging and retaining top performers. Turnover strikes not only at the heart of corporate performance and morale, but plays a major impact on profitability as well.

This webinar focuses on the reasons that today's workforce becomes disenfranchised, opening the door to shop for greener pastures and offers techniques and strategies industry champions use to build high performing teams.


What Do Game Changers Want From Their Leaders?
  • The Energy Inside the People on a Top Performing Team
  • Tuckman's Grid on Effective Teams
Onboarding Is More Than Administrative Processing/b>
  • Are Your Processing a New Hire or Preparing for Success
  • Help Create a Go to Network
  • Begin the Honeymoon Sooner, Make Them Feel Important Before Their First Day of Work
  • Do You Make Them Earn Your Attention?
Utilizing Intuition in the Selection Process
  • More Than Behavior Questions, Dig to See If It's Part of Their Character
  • Are We Listening for What We Want to Hear?
  • Use of Assessments Beyond Selection for Deeper Understanding of Internal Drivers and Communication Style
Four Stages of Engagement
  • Challenge With Responsibility
  • Evaluate the Plan
  • Assess the Development
  • Follow Through to Results
Trust Is the Greatest Glue
  • Behaviors of a Cohesive Team
  • Trust Comes From Feeling Secure
  • Do They Have a Voice?
The Under Used Tool of Listening
  • Where Is Your Focus, on the Task Required or Their Understanding of the Importance of Their Role?
  • Are You Hiding Behind Technology? There Is a Difference Between Contact and Connect
Game Changers Want to Flock With Eagles
  • How to Communicate the Bar of Expectation
  • In Spite of the Groans, Game Changers Like Accountability
  • The Importance and Flags of How to Know When It's Time to Move on?
About The Presenters

Mike Lejeune, CERS, CPC, CTS
  • More than 25 years of experience in consulting with Fortune 500 corporations, Big 4 accounting firms, and emerging privately held businesses
  • A strong proponent of education, Mike co-wrote the "Business of Personnel Consulting", a training and accreditation manual sponsored by the Texas Association of Personnel Consultants
  • Considered an expert in staff development, developing training programs on recruiting and search techniques, the art of building high performance teams and managing client relations
  • As a keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, executive coach and author, Mike is one of the leading voices on the latest trends and techniques for the staffing industry and writes, speaks and consults to professional associations and corporations on an international level
  • Served as the president of Steverson & Company, a Texas-based award winning executive search and contract staffing firm, as well as president of the National Speakers Association
  • Successfully completed three national certification programs, receiving his Certified Employee Retention Specialist (CERS), Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC), and Certified Temporary Staffing Specialist(CTS) designations
Maximize the Return on Your Hiring Investment: How to Retain New Employees With Onboarding
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