Medicare Secondary Payer Act: Protecting Medicare's Interest In Insurance Settlements

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About This Course:
This webinar explores the common problems attorneys and claim handlers face when confronted with Medicare Secondary Payer compliance issues in workers' compensation cases, as well as the latest trends in Medicare-related compliance from a regulatory, legislative, and legal perspective.


Regulatory Update
  • Government Accountability Office and Recommendations for MSP
  • Efforts by CMS to Streamline the WCMSA Process
  • WCMSA Reference Manual
  • WCMSA ReReview Process
  • CMS Website Redesign
  • Consolidation of the CMS Review Contractors and the COB&R
  • Current Status of Section 111 Reporting
  • MIR Reporting Thresholds
  • How MIR Fits With the Bigger Picture of MSP Compliance
  • Advance Notice of Rulemaking-Future Medicals
  • SMART Act Implementation and Related Issues
  • Medicaid Compliance Issues Update
Legislative Update
  • Post SMART Act Medicare Secondary Payer Environment
  • The Medicare Secondary Payer and Workers' Compensation Settlement Agreement Act - H.R. 1982 and the SMARTER Act
  • Qualified Medicare SetAside Review Process
  • Requirement for Due Process in WCMSA Review
  • Evidence Based Medicine
  • Safe Harbor Provisions of WCMSAs
  • Workers' Compensation Changes at the State Level
  • Georgia and Limitations on Future Medicals
  • Oklahoma and Workers' Compensation Reform
Legal Update
  • Medicare Advantage Plans
  • What Is a Medicare Advantage Plan?
  • PreAvandia Litigation and Rights of MAO Plans Under the Medicare Secondary Payer Act
  • Parra v. Pacificare and Ongoing Litigation
  • State AntiSubrogation Laws and MAP
  • Current Status of the Law
  • The Courts and Liability MSAs
  • Finke v. Hunter's View and Approval Cases
  • The Role of the Courts: The Carnival Cruise Cases, and Benoit v. Neustrom
  • Caldara and the Interaction of the MSP Act With State Law
Wrap-up and Important Points to RememberFACULTY

Aaron Frederickson
  • Attorney and the chief legal officer of MSP Compliance Solutions, LLC
  • Has nearly 25 years of MSP and structured settlement expertise
  • Recognized as a national subject-matter expert on Medicare Secondary Payer Act compliance matters
  • Member of the National Alliance of Medicare Set-Aside Professionals (NAMSAP) and serves on its legislation and data development committees
  • Active member in the National Alliance of Medicare Set-Aside Professionals (NAMSAP)
  • Delivers market-specific intelligence and specializes in providing a comprehensive suite of MSP compliance services to clients as they settle workers’ compensation or liability insurance claims
  • Previously was a member of senior management for Cambridge Galaher Settlements, a premier structured settlements brokerage firm where he led client relationship management of multiple customers and assisted with service plan evaluations, adjustments and program statistical analysis
  • Member of the National Structured Settlements Trade Association (NSSTA), having served on its legislation and regulations committees
Medicare Secondary Payer Act: Protecting Medicare's Interest In Insurance Settlements
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