Motivate Or Terminate

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About This Course:
Some employees engage in conduct or performance that, in isolation, may not warrant immediate termination, but his or her marginal performance leads to morale problems for others and often consumes an inordinate amount of the manager's time in managing workplace conflicts, poor quality of work, and complaints from co-workers to outside customers.

Yet managing employees that perform on a marginal level is one of the most challenging - if not dreaded - experiences for a manager.

In this informative audio conference, you will learn how to utilize proven methods to motivate the marginal employee or - to prepare the paper trail for a bullet-proof termination that can withstand claims of discrimination, disparate treatment, or harassment.

What You'll Learn:
  • The signs of the marginal employee - and how it affects the workplace
  • The potential liability the marginal employee poses in the workforce
  • How to set objective performance measures for a marginal employee
  • Encourage accountability for the marginal employee
  • How to engage in progressive discipline in order to withstand attacks of discrimination or harassment
  • How to properly set up good documentation to prepare for a termination
  • When to terminate a marginal employee
Motivate Or Terminate
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