Nailing The Incident Investigation: Getting To Why The Injury Happened To Prevent Repeat Losses

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About This Course:
A solid accident and incident investigation process is a critical component of an effective safety program, especially when a near-miss component is included. After all, if you can perform a thorough investigation that drills down to the “root causes” and determines why an accident or incident occurred, you have the information and knowledge for preventing a future occurrence.

To be successful, your investigation process and procedures must be methodical, systematic, and comprehensive. Various approaches like traditional root cause analysis and OSHA’s incident investigation process meet these objectives, but when properly structured, implemented, and followed, these approaches have proven to be an effective and efficient method for performing investigations.

Join us to learn how to develop and launch an effective investigative process that will help reduce incidents and associated costs.

You’ll learn:
  • OSHA’s incident reporting and investigation process and how it can be an effective tool for your organization
  • Legal privilege issues associated with investigation and documentation of incidents, root cause investigations, and materials prepared by expert witnesses
  • Other investigation tools such as root cause analysis, behavior based safety, and fault tree analysis to determine how they could be effective tools for your organization
  • How to generate senior management support for you investigation process by demonstrating how such programs can provide significant incident and cost reduction
  • How to apply and combine the OSHA incident investigation process and other tools successfully to identify incident casual factors, many of which are overlooked or missed, to your existing accident and incident investigation process
  • Key “why” questions that are fundamental to all approaches of your existing incident and near-miss investigation to achieve maximum benefit and uncover critical causal factors that must be addressed—so you can avoid future similar incidents and accidents
  • How to develop a more rigorous understanding of “cause and effect” in your organization as it applies to understand the true causes of accidents and incidents
  • How to establish a training process for those in your organization that will be performing root incident investigations, including those that will be permanently on the team as well as those who will cycle in and out as necessary
  • Incident and near miss investigation best practices
  • Recommended approaches for the feedback process to make sure your accident investigation processes is achieving excellent results
  • How to use the results and findings of your incident and near-miss investigation processes to the maximum benefit especially for avoiding incidents and near misses in the future
About Your Presenter:

Jeff Stoll
Safety Consultant
Safety Resources

Mr. Stoll is a veteran safety professional with over20 years of corporate, and consulting safety management experience in the MSHA/OSHA arenas. He holds his Certified Mine Safety Professional (CMSP) credential, as well as being an OSHA Authorized Outreach Trainer (G.I. and Construction), and longtime MSHA trainer. Prior to working at Safety Resources, Mr. Stoll had applied his passion for safety in the corporate arena, including internationally, having valuable experiences in both Canada and Norway.
Nailing The Incident Investigation: Getting To Why The Injury Happened To Prevent Repeat Losses
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