OSHA Records: What To Record, When And How To Record It, And How Long To Keep It

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About This Course:
OSHA recordkeeping requirements can often seem confusing and unduly burdensome to employers, particularly when resources are tight, staff is spread thin, and other priorities take precedence.

However, incomplete or inaccurate recordkeeping can open the door for OSHA inspections, fines, or penalties. As such, it is important that employers know what records they are required to keep - and that they have practices in place to make sure those records are kept accurately and thoroughly.

It is also important for employers to understand how OSHA recordkeeping requirements work in real-world situations. For example, if an employee is working outdoors and is stung by a bee, is that a reportable incident? What if that same employee is allergic to bee stings and has to be injected with an Epi-pen – does that make the situation recordable? What if the bee sting happens indoors, in the employer’s facility? Does that make a difference?

Then once you've figured this all out, you need to know which form to use, how to fill out the form properly, how, when, or if you must submit the form, then how long to keep the form!

Learning Objectives:

This webinar is designed to help you understand your OSHA recordkeeping requirements - and then help you put those requirements into action by working through various scenarios such as the bee sting example above.

By attending, you and your co-workers will learn:
  • What constitutes a "Recordable Event"
  • How "Recordable Events" should be recorded – and in what time frame (Beware: some must be reported within 24 hours!)
  • Which records are required to be kept – and for how long
  • The basic OSHA forms (OSHA 300, 300a, and 301) - and how to complete them
  • The applicable time periods for maintaining and retaining records
  • Best practices for making sure your organization is in compliance
  • Record retention requirements
Special Bonus: Time will be spent to work through scenarios to determine how OSHA recordkeeping requirements work in reality.

OSHA Records: What To Record, When And How To Record It, And How Long To Keep It
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