Paid Sick and Family Leave: How To Manage PTO In Compliance With Expanding Employee Protections

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About This Course:
Do you offer paid sick leave to your employees? If not, you could soon have no choice but to. Mandated paid sick leave is gaining support and in many places across the country laws are already in effect requiring employers to provide paid time off for worker illnesses.

A California bill that recently passed could be the trigger that leads other states to push paid sick leave laws. Consider that paid sick leave has already taken hold in many major metropolitan areas - New York City, Jersey City, Washington, D.C., Portland, San Diego, San Francisco, and Seattle have all passed paid sick leave requirements.

With the push to provide paid sick leave and, in some cases, paid family leave gaining strength nationwide, now is the time to ensure that your PTO policy is properly administered.

Join us for an in-depth webinar on how the recent developments related to paid sick leave affect your daily operations and workplace policies, and learn best practices for administering PTO - from accurately accounting for partial day absences to instituting vacation time caps.

Learning Objectives:
  • What an effective, legal PTO policy generally looks like
  • The challenges multistate employers face, and recommended guidance as paid sick leave laws continue to take effect nationwide
  • Where paid sick leave laws have passed or are being considered across the country, and examples of the general requirements private employers are subjected to in those areas concerning carryover and notice/posting requirements
  • PTO administration best practices including:

    • How to correctly account for partial-day absences under your PTO policy
    • The kinds of notice you need to give to exempt workers before forcing them use accrued PTO during furloughs
    • What paid vacation vs. PTO can mean when it comes to overtime pay for nonexempt employees
    • “Use it or lose it” policies
    • How to structure your PTO bank so that you can avoid big payouts when employees leave their jobs

  • Tactics for combining PTO leave with protected leave under FMLA
  • Compliance essentials you need to know about before changing PTO accrual rates
  • Smart moves to make regarding cashing out unused time and when PTO counts as a wage under state law
  • PTO and the exempt employee: When you can dock their pay without jeopardizing the exemption
  • Legal ways to institute caps on vacation banks
  • How the use of PTO works when an employee is eligible for pregnancy disability leave or paid family leave
  • And much more!
In just 90 minutes, you’ll learn the lay of the land concerning paid sick leave and how to create and administer an effective paid-time-off policy.

About Your Presenter:

Tyler T. Rasmussen is an attorney with Fisher & Phillips LLP. He practices all areas of labor and employment law, providing counseling and guidance on employment discrimination and harassment, compliance and prevention, labor and employment litigation, collective and class actions, and preventive services.

Mr. Rasmussen regularly provides training seminars for employers on various employment and labor topics, including anti-harassment, anti-discrimination, and wage and hour practices. He works with businesses on wage and hour audits conducted by the Division of Labor and Standards Enforcement and the Department of Labor.
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