Paperless Payroll: Essentials To A Seamless Transition

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About This Course:
Paperless processes have the potential to be a healthy boost to the bottom line without eliminating employees.

The notion of paperless payroll has come a long way since the introduction of direct deposit in the 1970's, but despite the advances, most companies are still distributing paper checks, pay advices and W2s.

In this webinar we will take a look at the cost saving potential of a fully paperless payroll process, the range of obstacles organizations face, from employee acceptance to complying across numerous jurisdictions, and explore successful strategies many payroll professionals have used to get there.


Why Implement Paperless Payroll?
  • The Costs of a Paper-Based Process
  • Changing Employee Demographics
Addressing the Paperless and Compliance Obstacles
  • Access
  • Resources
  • Employee Acceptance
  • State Compliance Requirements
The Rollout
  • Marketing a Mandate
  • Establishing a Time Line
  • Communicating Paperless to Employees
  • Addressing the Exceptions
  • Working With Unions
Paperless Synergy
  • Employee Self-Service (Reinventing the Iphone®)
  • Bundling Processes Under One Umbrella
About The Presenters

Gordon Middleton
  • Legal compliance officer with Equifax Workforce Solutions
  • More than eleven years of legal consulting and research experience in the areas of labor and employment, and payroll law
  • Writer of four white papers on assorted paperless pay topics and contributor to Paytech magazine
  • Graduate, Case Western Reserve University School of Law
Andy Scholl
  • Employer Services Consultant with Equifax Workforce Solutions
  • Seven years experience as a consultant to large organizations, addressing and overcoming obstacles to paperless processes
  • Three years experience as an implementation manager for TALX’s Paperless Pay Service
  • M.B.A. degree, Webster University; graduate in international business, Missouri State University
Paperless Payroll: Essentials To A Seamless Transition
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