Performance Management Bootcamp: Build a Successful Performance Culture Using Metrics, Year-Round Evaluations, And More

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About This Course:
Most HR professionals look forward to conducting annual performance reviews about as much as a trip to the dentist, and most employees aren’t sold on the concept, either. In fact, many employees don’t think performance reviews are the least bit accurate. So, does that mean reviews are a thing of the past? Not necessarily.

A solid strategy for feedback that is mutually beneficial to both you and your employees is always going to be the key to talent retention, a positive work environment, and the overall growth and productivity of your organization, especially when you’re managing employees from multiple generations.

Plus, a performance management strategy that involves employees in the goal-setting process, along with continuous feedback and innovative compensation strategies can drive not only organizational success, but the continued growth of your employees as well.

In order to achieve all of these goals, your performance appraisal process needs to be just that, an ongoing process, not a single annual event. A comprehensive framework for ongoing feedback between you and your employees will keep your organization productive and moving forward.

During this one-day comprehensive training, you’ll learn:
  • How to develop objective, quantifiable performance appraisal metrics that align with your organization’s strategic mission and goals
  • When to use both positive and constructive feedback
  • Key elements of a successful performance improvement plan (PIP)
  • Why money is no longer the best way to motivate superior performance
  • The benefits of succession planning—no matter what the size of the organization
  • And much, much more!
About Your Presenter:

Natasha Bowman, J.D., SPHR
Founder and President
Performance ReNEW

Professor Natasha Bowman, JD, SPHR is the president and founder of Performance ReNEW, a New York City-based leadership development and talent management consulting firm and author of the best-selling book YOU CAN'T DO THAT at WORK! 100 legal mistakes that managers make in the workplace.

Professor Bowman has been leading organizations through the complex, fast-changing human resources landscape for over 15 years. She has developed a reputation as an expert consultant and thought leader for Fortune 500 Companies, non-profit organizations, and large healthcare institutions. Because of her ability to diagnose workplace issues and provide proven solutions to organizations, she is often referred to as The Workplace Doctor.

Professor Bowman’s expertise has been sought after by national media publications such as Forbes, Fast Company, Business Insider, Bloomberg BNA, Inc. Magazine, The Tom Joyner Morning Show, and In the Workplace Radio.

Professor Bowman has taught and spoken at some of the most prestigious corporate classrooms, conferences, and graduate business schools across the country such as: Fordham University, Georgetown University, Manhattan College, SHRM, ATD, BLR, and the Jack Welch Management Institute.
Performance Management Bootcamp: Build a Successful Performance Culture Using Metrics, Year-Round Evaluations, And More
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