Positive Strategies for Dealing With Problem Performers

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About This Course:
Are you still experiencing problems with employees even though you've tried progressive discipline? Is your company still using punishment as a means to discipline employees? Are you wondering why your disciplinary strategies don't seem to work?

Learn about more positive strategies and approaches in dealing with problem performers. Examine the power of commitment through the use of coaching and other tools to build superior performers, examine companies that use positive strategies as a means of managing the workforce and those problem performers, and look at the concept of discipline without punishment.

This topic will look at how to incorporate accountability and responsibility within the various levels of an organization. Reward systems are difficult and costly to implement, thus we will look at other positive strategies to encourage positive performance.

Finally, you will discover how to turn your organization from a toxic environment to a positive, performance-oriented workplace.


Problems in Today's Corporate Environment
  • Current Problems Generated in Organizations
  • Performance Problems Examined and the Root of the Problems Defined
  • Trouble Areas With Traditional Progressive Discipline Policies
Positive Strategies for Dealing With Problem Performers
  • Punishment Without Discipline Concept
  • Coaching Strategies Available
  • Preparing and Conducting for a Coaching Session
  • Analyzing Job-Related Performance
  • Redirecting Personal Problems From the Workplace
  • EAP Programs
  • Documentation Formats
Positive Strategies
  • Examination of Positive Strategies
  • Examination of Company Profiles Incorporating Positive Strategies
  • What Is Your Next Step?
About The Presenter

Jackie A. Sexson
  • Compliance manager with Fortune 300 company
  • Former executive director with the legal and human resources consulting firm, The Sexson Group
  • Extensive experience in employment and labor law, as well as human resources
  • Has a legal and HR background in employee relations, performance management (360-degree feedback), organizational management, benefits administration, recruitment and selection, compensation, equal employment opportunity, and training and development
  • Experience with the public sector, Fortune 500 companies and small startup companies
  • Held director and executive level positions, and worked as an independent consultant
  • Certified as a senior professional in human resources by the Society for Human Resources Management
  • J.D. and M.B.A. degrees
Positive Strategies for Dealing With Problem Performers
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