Recognizing and Addressing COBRA

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About This Course:
COBRA continuation affects almost all employers with at least 20 employees. State continuation can impact employers with as few as 2 employees.

There is a high amount of liability in this area that can result in penalties from the Internal Revenue Service, Department of Labor, court costs, lawyer expenses, and time and effort dealing with the state's insurance commissioner.

This webinar helps the individuals responsible for handling the continuation of health benefits understand the rules and regulations surrounding these complex requirements of COBRA.

We will provide the rules of when a triggering event takes place, how long the employer is responsible for COBRA and the penalties for failing to comply. Failing to provide the Initial Notice, sometimes called the General Notice, and failure to provide a timely Event Notice have cost employers thousands of dollars in courts all across the country.

Don't be a statistic - learn about your responsibilities.


COBRA Overview
  • Seven Triggering Events
  • Qualified Beneficiaries
  • Coverage and Notices
Deeper Dive Into COBRA
  • State Continuation
  • COBRA's Impact on Health FSA and HRA
  • PPACA's Impact on COBRA
Interaction With Medicare
  • Medicare
  • Alternative Coverage
About The Presenter

Teresa Cutler, ACFCI, CAS
  • Compliance director of Employee Benefits Corporation
  • Practice emphasizes all aspects of COBRA, Cafeteria Plans, Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs) and Commuter Benefits
  • Conducts regular seminars and workshops at numerous local and national events
  • Advanced Certification in Flexible Compensation Instructor (ACFCI) and COBRA Administration Specialist (CAS) Designations from the Employer’s Council on Flexible Compensation
  • Director at Large for the Employer’s Council on Flexible Compensation
  • Attended the University of Wisconsin – Madison
Recognizing and Addressing COBRA
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