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Recruiting Veterans: Facilitating The Transition Between Military Service And Civilian Careers

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If you’re looking to build a workforce population that’s talented, skilled and reliable, it’s hard to imagine a better-suited group than military veterans. On paper, these talented individuals seem like they should be a natural fit for any employer. But, the question many ask is, “Why is it so hard to find, recruit, and hire them?”

Military veterans making the jump to the civilian world face challenges that many employers and recruiting firms simply don’t understand because they haven’t lived through the unique experience of that transition.

Without proper training on how to successfully source this group, recruiters stand to miss out on some great potential candidates. But with some education and insight, you can learn to better connect with high-potential veterans while simultaneously helping them acclimate to the civilian world.

Join us when Bob Wheeler, a retired U.S. Navy veteran who now advocates for veteran hiring with ClearedJobs.Net, will provide a unique and tactical perspective into the mindset of potential veteran hires, taking into account their hopes, their fears, and how to translate military experience into the skillsets desired by the private sector.

You’ll learn:
  • The unique mindset of the military veteran making the leap to the civilian sector
  • Why training is so important to the veteran candidate
  • The single biggest barrier for military job seekers—and how you can help them overcome it
  • How to avoid being lost in translation
  • The key changes you need to make in your recruiting strategy when approaching veterans
  • How to act as a mentor in helping a veteran through the process
  • What you can do to help veterans understand the civilian hiring process
  • Why veterans can make bad jobseekers—and how recruiters can help
  • How to hire veterans with a bottom-line approach, which results in a win-win for everyone
  • And much more!
About Your Presenter:

Bob Wheeler

Bob Wheeler left the Navy in 2014 following a 20-year career in which his final assignment was recruiting health care professionals in the Baltimore area. Over the past four years he has authored numerous articles tackling veteran hiring issues and has made formal presentations to various groups on both sides of the veteran hiring conversation. In his current position as an account representative for the niche job board ClearedJobs.Net he makes frequent contributions to the company blog offering tips to veteran jobseekers and hosts roundtable discussion with recruiters and job seekers as part of their job fairs.
Recruiting Veterans: Facilitating The Transition Between Military Service And Civilian Careers
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