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Resolving Employee Conflicts: How To Handle Squabbling Co-workers, Chronic Troublemakers & Fractured Teams

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Conflicts between employees can disrupt morale, reduce productivity and create a generally unpleasant place to work. Because a solution often seems impossible, these disagreements can also drive managers crazy.

The good news, however, is that you do not have to tolerate disruptive workplace conflicts. By consistently using effective management practices, you can restore peace and productivity to almost any bickering group.

Business Management Daily is teaming up with workplace guru and syndicated columnist Marie McIntyre on a webinar that will help you learn how to diagnose the specific cause of an employee conflict – and choose the best strategy for bringing it to an end.

Join us for Resolving Employee Conflicts. During this informative, 75-minute webinar, you'll discover:
  • 6 warning signs that a conflict may be brewing
  • How unresolved issues produce serious business problems
  • 7 frequent causes of workplace disagreements
  • How managers will sometimes make a conflict worse
  • Identifying the problem: 3 different types of employee conflict
  • The difference between productive debates and destructive arguments
  • Using a specific 4-step plan to resolve any workplace disagreement
  • Challenging personalities: how to identify and manage chronic instigators
  • Establishing realistic expectations about relationships at work
  • Unclear goals and roles: when personalities are not the problem
  • How to address continuing disagreements through "couple's counseling"
  • The "storming" stage: preventing predictable conflicts on project teams
  • Sending a stronger message: when to request higher-level help.
You can also pose your questions directly to Marie McIntyre and get specific solutions to your problems. And because this is a webinar, there is no limit to the number of colleagues you can invite to sit in on this interactive event.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a workplace where employees collaborate on projects without arguing and whining? Join us to find out how you can transform your workplace into a conflict-free environment.
Resolving Employee Conflicts: How To Handle Squabbling Co-workers, Chronic Troublemakers & Fractured Teams
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Course Details
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