Retention Strategies For Millennials In The Workplace

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About This Course:
Millennials crave meaning. This generation doesn't seek employment with aspirations of staying at one company for a lifetime; they want jobs that foster engagement in the workplace, placing emphasis on work/life balance, flexibility, education, and empowerment.

While millennials come to work with new skills and a deep understanding of the digital landscape, their more established colleagues, Baby Boomers and Gen X, have wisdom and knowledge that is also crucial to the success of an organization. Both are vitally important, and yet there is no translation between the two generations.

How do you balance the attitudes and values of both groups, and better yet, bridge these generational gaps to create understanding, cohesion, and increased employee engagement?

Experts in workplace culture, CatalystCreativ broaches this topic with practical, actionable steps to create intergenerational cohesion in any team. Their facilitators will utilize their experiences from working with clients such as the Raiders, the New York City Ballet, Coca-Cola, NPR and WeWork to present strategies that will set your company up for success for years to come.


Millennials Are Not a Homogenous Group of People
  • What Does Millennial Minded Mean?
  • Psychographics of Each Group
  • Trends We've Seen Within This Space
What Millennials Want in a Workplace
  • What Millennials Want in Companies, and How Does This Differ From Their Boomer Peers?
  • Collaborative, PurposeDriven, Flexibility and Freedom
Why Millennials Stay or Leave and How This Differs From Boomers' Reasons for Leaving
  • Interviews, Quotes From Each Group of Employees
  • Statistics That Illustrate General Trends for Each Group
  • Signs of Someone From Each Group Losing Interest in Their Job and Examples of What It Looks Like
Technology Changes the Landscape of What Working Looks Like
  • How to Help Millennial-Minded Employees Make Peace With These Changes and Coexist With Millennials
Disconnect Between Younger Employees and People Who Have Been There for 30 Years
  • Psychographics
  • Creating a Culture of Listening for All Generations
  • How Can We Change the Perspective and Tone?
  • Cyclical Mentoring
  • Safe Spaces for People
Onboarding: Setting the Right Tone From the Beginning
  • See Everyone Else's Roles
  • Can See Holes in the Company and Then Fill Them
  • Mutual Learning Process
Gamification: Engaging Millennials While Improving Efficiency for Boomers
  • Come Back to 7 Levels of Engagement
  • Deeper Connection
Internal Structures That Help: Governance and Holacracy
  • People Can Bring up Issues They Are Concerned About, Change Roles, Create Roles
  • Transparency in Company
  • No Isolated Issues
  • Everyone Is There to Resolve It
  • How Do We Improve This?
About The Presenters

Lindsay Robb
  • Communication Manager at CatalystCreativ
  • Focuses on copywriting, communications, content creation and account management
  • Background in cause marketing, has helped develop and execute marketing initiatives for nonprofits such as Autism Speaks, The National Parks Foundation, Wounded Warrior Project and more before joining the CatalystCreativ team to project manage a variety of digital marketing accounts
  • B.A. degree, Chapman University
Larry Slavin
  • Director of Business Development at CatalystCreativ
  • Focuses on business development, team motivation and corporate planning
  • Multi-year, million dollar producer on Wall Street
  • Financier of commercial real-estate ranging from office buildings to apartment complexes and shopping centers
  • B.A. degree, University at Albany
Retention Strategies For Millennials In The Workplace
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