Rock Solid Environmental Management Systems: Cracking The Code On How To Drive Superior Performance That Aligns With ISO 14001

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About This Course:
Do you want to ensure that your ongoing environmental program is compliant, addresses stakeholder interests and concerns, and provides the necessary support to business objectives? Of course you do! That’s why paying close attention to the quality and mission of your environmental management system (EMS) is so important.

Since its inception, more than 300,000 companies worldwide have implemented ISO 14001, the international standard that sets out the criteria for effective EMSs, while others have opted to pursue approaches that are consistent with the standard even though those organizations aren’t ISO-certified.

Regardless of the approach your company takes, one thing is constant; to ensure success you should be focused on:
  • Improving resource efficiency and reducing waste;
  • Driving costs down;
  • Being able to ensure that environmental impact is being measured;
  • Gaining competitive advantage in supply chain design;
  • Increasing new business opportunities;
  • Meeting legal obligations;
  • Increase stakeholder and customer trust;
  • improving overall environmental performance; and
    managing environmental obligations with consistency.
Using a systems-based approach to integrate EHS into the business strategy is a powerful tool for risk management that provides the opportunity for leverage throughout the value chain.

Join us for an all-new webinar where a seasoned ISO expert will share how to structure an EMS to drive environmental performance—whether your company follows a formal standard like ISO 14001 or not and provide pointers on achieving 14001:2015 certification.

You’ll learn:
  • How an EMS process—certified or not certified—can provide the necessary structure your company’s environmental program needs to excel
  • The business case for developing and implementing an EMS using proven approaches as well as the revised 2015 ISO 14001
  • Varied and evolving environmental management systems and why there’s a movement toward an integrated systems approach
  • Factors to consider when determining which EMS approach will work best for your organization
  • Pointers on how to transition to an EMS system
  • How to leverage the business value your EMS can bring
  • Case studies illustrating how organizations have successfully implemented, updated or expanded, or integrated sustainability objectives into the EMS to support their core business activities
  • Pros and cons of implementing a system conforming to ISO 14001 without third-party certification
About Your Presenter:

Karen Lutz
Sustainability Director
TRC Solutions

Karen Lutz is an environmental and sustainability consultant with TRC, with 29 years’ experience. Located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, her areas of expertise include sustainability advising, the development of EHS management systems, compliance assurance services, compliance auditing, and merger and acquisition support. She has facilitated sustainability strategy development, assisted with sustainability reporting, and developed and implemented EHS risk management and compliance assurance programs to assist clients in meeting their governance obligations and sustainability objectives. She has participated in numerous management system facilitation and implementation projects, assisting clients in developing workable solutions focused on bridging EHS, sustainability, and business goals. As TRC’s Sustainability Director, Ms. Lutz also leads TRC’s corporate sustainability program, focusing on market facing services, integration of sustainability into TRC’s business systems, and internal and external communications and reporting (GRI, CDP, etc).
Rock Solid Environmental Management Systems: Cracking The Code On How To Drive Superior Performance That Aligns With ISO 14001
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