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Safety Culture Assessments: How To Create And Deploy Them To Drive Positive Change

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Safety culture assessments are crucial in identifying challenges and obstacles preventing organizations from achieving safety culture excellence. Assessment results can be used to identify barriers to ongoing safety efforts, benchmark success, and facilitate employee input. But more importantly, an effective assessment helps to uncover gaps between perceptions and reality.

Safety culture assessments often measure current employee perceptions, which tend to be based on their history in the organization. Often, these perceptions lag behind reality. This gap may take many years to close. So, these perception surveys are often used as cultural proxies.

Many vendors sell cultural surveys, but often these offerings lack statistical reliability or validity. However, organizations can create their own questionnaires or use validated tools like the Zohar Safety Climate or Nordic Safety Climate surveys.

Although it takes some work, creating your own perception survey can be an affordable method to assess your employees’ safety perceptions and gain insight into your organization’s cultural proxies.

Join us for an all-new webinar designed to teach you how to create and deploy an effective safety culture assessment and use the information to create cultural improvement plans to move your organization from best-in-class to world-class.What You'll Learn:

  • Differentiate organizational culture from climate
  • Create an assessment that captures employee perception and attitude
  • Use effective techniques to assess your organization’s safety culture
  • Identify the leading indicators that can act as cultural proxies
  • Act upon results to impact employee engagement
  • And much more!
Safety Culture Assessments: How To Create And Deploy Them To Drive Positive Change
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